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I’ve been on a pickling kick this summer and in fact, I’ve pickled more food this year than ever. It started with these preserved lemons and moved on to sweet pickles, sour pickles, blackberries and I even have a jar of brandied cherries tucked away; jams and jellies are also stacked in the pantry and I may even try my hand at a bit of sauerkraut this fall.

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Last summer we spent several weeks in the Seattle area with Shauna, Danny and Lucy; we were there shooting several video pieces as well as sharing stories, birthdays and some of the glorious foods of summer. It’s just a normal day when the Aherns gather friends around their table and open their home to an impromptu get-together; August 6th is Shauna’s birthday (that’s today – happy birthday Shauna!), the weather was spectacular with azure-blue skies and temperatures in the mid-80s. The entire island had been waiting for the blackberries to ripen for picking; jams, pies, buckles or eaten straight out of hand – it didn’t matter what the berries would be used for, what mattered was the gathering of friends.