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While I love a great pastry for breakfast and occasionally dessert, when it comes to snacks, I tend to land on the side of salty. And while there are a plethora of cookbooks on the market for all things sugary and sweet, the field is much smaller when it comes to savory. Salty Snacks by Cynthia Nims, is a book that feeds America’s love affair with salt.

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I don’t know about you, but I am welcoming spring with open arms . . . just wish she’d hurry up and get here . . . and then hang around for a while; we’ve had wide swings in temperatures and record precipitation these past couple of months. When I hit the grocery store this time of year, I am unapologetically giddy at the sight of seasonal strawberries, fresh peas, rows of potted herbs and vibrant green and purple asparagus!

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GIVEAWAY: BIG BOWL OF LOVE by Cristina Ferrare

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CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED: Congratulations to Chris who said, ‘I order risotto out, but don’t really make it at home. Yum! I need to check out her show…sounds wonderful!’

Unpretentious yet sophisticated, easily accessible yet fabulous food you can serve at a dinner party – that is how I would describe Cristina Ferrare’s new book, ‘Big Bowl of Love’. I’m sure you know Cristina, but if you don’t you should check out her cooking show on Oprah’s OWN Network; she not only knows her way around the kitchen but Cristina is a hoot to watch. I laughed out loud during one episode where, after cooking spa food, she sits down at the table and asks the guest chef, ‘Is that all you’re going to serve me of this delicious food?!’ Cristina’s gusto and passion for great food is infectious . . . and great food is exactly what you get on page after beautiful page of satisfying recipes.

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We are pretty big on pizza here at Smith Bites, who isn’t? And I would have to say that we’re pretty snobbish when it comes to good pizza – make that really good pizza – so most of the time that means we make it at home.  About a month ago, we ventured out and tried a new pizza place in Carmel (pronounced like the candy) called ‘Pizzology‘ that was recommended in the Indianapolis Monthly magazine. We ordered a sausage & fennel pizza and enjoyed it so much we wanted to recreate it at home – but with our own twist!

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We’re year-round soup fans here at Smith Bites – chilled soups during the warmer months and hot soups during the winter months.  And with just a few exceptions, we make them from scratch using common pantry and/or ingredients I have tucked away in my freezer. Some soups are broth-based and some are cream-based but every soup is full of flavor and makes a terrific lunch or dinner.  Roasted Red Pepper, chowder, lightening fast tomato, chili or hearty lentil, simply add a salad or some great crusty bread and voila’, dinner is served – it just couldn’t be easier!

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A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, I was a single mom of two boys.  And as any single parent knows, putting food on the table can be a real challenge but I was very, very fortunate in that I always lived near my parents or family members who made sure we didn’t go hungry. I was also on welfare a few of those years while I went back to school so that I would be able to support myself and my kids longterm – and $75 in food stamps didn’t buy much, even then. But still, we never went hungry . . . ever. And I am forever grateful.