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I laugh whenever I make this salad because the truth of the matter is this: it’s the only recipe both of my sons have specifically asked me for from their childhood. I’m certain it’s not a reflection on my cooking back in the day because I’ve always been a fairly decent cook. My sons ate well, we didn’t eat out in restaurants often as it was just too expensive – and yes, I did indulge them in a McDonald’s Happy Meal more often than I should have (they were far more interested in the ‘prize’ than the meal itself).

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We are pretty big on pizza here at Smith Bites, who isn’t? And I would have to say that we’re pretty snobbish when it comes to good pizza – make that really good pizza – so most of the time that means we make it at home. ¬†About a month ago, we ventured out and tried a new pizza place in Carmel (pronounced like the candy) called ‘Pizzology‘ that was recommended in the Indianapolis Monthly magazine. We ordered a sausage & fennel pizza and enjoyed it so much we wanted to recreate it at home – but with our own twist!