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For more years than I care to admit, I’ve carried yellowing, smudged, brittle and torn recipe pages up and down the West coast, then to the Midwest – always tucked inside a bulging 3-ring recipe binder that is home to hundreds of other recipes I’ve collected over the years. Like old, worn, favorite toys scattered about in a child’s room, these recipes have been ripped from newspapers and magazines, scribbled on scraps and bits of paper, napkins, the backs of envelopes and, during those times I was organized, real recipe cards. Whenever I’m feeling nostalgic, I plop that 3-ring binder on the dining room table and pour over these old recipes until I find one that fits my mood as well as the occasion.

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When The Professor and I received an invite to become a ‘Sabra Tastemaker’ I wasn’t quite sure what being a Tastemaker entailed. We were already buying Sabra hummus on a regular basis and in fact, The Professor takes a scoop with some fresh veggies to campus for lunch nearly every day of the week. We’ve also made our own hummus at home using canned chickpeas, tahini, a bit of garlic and a squeeze of lemon – but are The Professor and I ‘tastemaker’ material?

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When it comes to Valentine’s Day, I’m betting some sort of chocolate dessert tops the list of those most requested; chocolate candy, brownies, red velvet anything . . . chocolate seems to reign supreme on this single holiday.  We thought you might enjoy a sexy little video to go with your dose of chocolate . . . m’kay, not that kind of video, we’re G-rated here at Smith Bites!! The Professor has dusted off his creative skills and written original music as well as used his mad sound-design skills . . . I gotta say, we kinda like this one . . .

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This will be one of those short and sweet posts because a couple of months ago, I promised the egg dish to these biscuits and now I’m going to fulfill that promise! If you’ve been reading Smith Bites for a while, you’ll know that we are big, big fans of Virginia Willis and her recipes; in fact, we’re on the list to receive her ‘Southern Saturdays’ by email which is where this particular egg dish comes from.

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Musical pairing – Bless the Broken Road by Rascal Flatts

This is The Professor, and I’m making my second guest post here on Smith Bites. My last post was after classes ended for Winter Break when I had a little free time, which gave Debra a little respite from her writing. While “free time” isn’t in my vocabulary at this time of year, I really want to share this fabulous and simple gelato recipe that accompanies an equally fabulous celebration.

You see, someone’s having a birthday today . . . Now I’m not sure just how celebratory someone is feeling about growing a year older (and really, how many women get excited about another birthday whizzing by?) but I always make it a celebration. I am fortunate that her birthday is sandwiched between Valentine’s Day and our Wedding Anniversary, so there are plenty of opportunities to shower her with flowers, gifts and romantic meals.  Let’s just say it was a whirlwind of emotions that February of 1998, but we’ll save that story for another post.

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Pssst . . . not to be the bearer of bad news but (deep breath) . . . . Thanksgiving is less than two weeks away.  I don’t know about you, but this time of year gets super busy in our house and since we love hosting Thanksgiving, I look for recipes that can be made a day or two ahead or things I can make ahead and freeze – like these Jalapeno-Cheddar scones.  I made these for last year’s Thanksgiving dinner and there wasn’t a single crumb left . . . not a creature was stirring, not even a . . . oh wait . . . wrong holiday . . .

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Musical pairing – You Sexy Thing by Hot Chocolate

A couple of weeks ago, I woke up feeling very much like I still wanted to be on vacation back in Santa Cruz; in fact, I was really wishing we had a Gayle’s Bakery so that I could peruse their gorgeous cases of pastry!  But alas, I clicked my heels three times and I was definitely still in Kansas . . . well, Indiana, but close enough.  Anyhoo . . . because I still wanted to be on vacation and was craving pastry, I decided to make doughnut holes – and not just any doughnut holes, but doughnut holes that were dipped in chocolate sauce – a fabulous Martha Stewart Chocolate Brandy Sauce!