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It is not lost on me that while I’m still enjoying the last dog days of summer – hello high humidity and 90-degree temperatures – I’m here with a recipe for pumpkin dip. And it’s the last day of August. And we haven’t even seen September, apples or pears. And I rather enjoy taking one season at a time, thank-you-very-much. And over the next couple of weeks, there will be a glut of alllllllll things pumpkin which will hit the blogosphere, so brace yourself. No, sharing a recipe for pumpkin dip in August is not lost on me.

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There’s a picture of my family that was taken at my sister’s home in Arizona, December 2000; it was the last Christmas we would have with my dad who died from cancer September 7th, 2001, just four days before 9/11.  It sits on my grandmother’s silverware chest – fitting because it belongs to my father’s mother and also because it sits in the dining room – the room where meals are shared at big family gatherings as well as small intimate dinners with friends.   And there is a full view into the kitchen – the place where, for me, I’m completely in the zone – happy, content, peaceful . . . at home.