Tag: country living

september 28, 2015

Blood Moon the night before, ruffly clouds appear to be blown across the crystal blue skies this morning; hundreds of starlings cover graveyard tombstones as they gather to migrate towards warmer climates. Cold weather is coming – that is a given in this part of the country – but today […]


variegated shades of green wave overhead wisps of blue fade and in out of focus neighborhood birds raise their song adding to the cacophony of mooing cows, rambling school buses, barking dogs and laughing children patterned blue pillows contrast against dappled shade on red chaise cushions wind, invisible yet present,¬†toss […]


The Professor and I managed to survive something called a ‘Polar Vortex’ – meaning temperatures for more than 48 hours were well below zero and windchill was a record-breaking -41 degrees. The good news is that as of today we’re in a heat wave at a 40 degrees above zero […]