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Januarys can be rather dull; while September ushers in bushels of apples, cider and doughnuts, October pays homage to the pumpkin. November we plan menus around family and turkeys (albeit there are times when one cannot make a distinction between the two) and December conversations center around words like: ho-ho-ho, hanukkah, cookie, celebration, party, gifts and cocktails among others. And after the letdown of ‘Happy New Year’ on January 1st . . . well . . . January can be rather dull.

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Musical pairing – You Sexy Thing by Hot Chocolate

A couple of weeks ago, I woke up feeling very much like I still wanted to be on vacation back in Santa Cruz; in fact, I was really wishing we had a Gayle’s Bakery so that I could peruse their gorgeous cases of pastry!  But alas, I clicked my heels three times and I was definitely still in Kansas . . . well, Indiana, but close enough.  Anyhoo . . . because I still wanted to be on vacation and was craving pastry, I decided to make doughnut holes – and not just any doughnut holes, but doughnut holes that were dipped in chocolate sauce – a fabulous Martha Stewart Chocolate Brandy Sauce!