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52 sundays; september 23, 2012

Many moons ago (translate 25 years) The Professor began his professional career as a musician with this motley crew; he was still in college, still had hair on his head and had a few less wrinkles . . . in fairness, they all did. This group wrote, sang, produced and […]

52 sundays; september 9, 2012

Just a very quick note to tell you that here in Indiana, fall is in the air; the leaves are beginning to change, the crickets are cricket-ing, the wickedly hot temperatures are finally, finally beginning to drop and buckets of glorious rain arrived this week!

52 sundays; september 2, 2012

Seattle. I’m not sure there is a city that captures my heart more than Seattle; but then again, I was born in Seattle, grew up and lived on both sides of the mountains and I’m guessing everyone feels this same way about their own hometowns.

52 sundays; august 19, 2012

The Professor and I have been traveling for the past three weeks which also included seeing my siblings – we haven’t all been together in one place since my dad’s funeral almost 11 years ago. We met up in Seattle for a couple of days and found ourselves doing all […]

52 sundays; august 5, 2012

The Professor and I are still on the road but we thought you might enjoy a few photos of this little cutie taken at Big Summer Potluck; I have a full post coming soon but in the meantime, enjoy!

52 sundays; july 8, 2012

Just a few photos from a shoot we did a few weeks back in Cincinnati – these girls have all been best friends for many years and all are getting ready to graduate this next school year. How cute are they?

52 sundays; june 24, 2012

As usual, it was a jam-packed week here in our little abode; no traveling this week but somehow we managed to stay super busy – how does that happen anyway? I vaguely remember a time when curling up with a good book was the order of the day; however, I […]

52 sundays; june 10, 2012

The Professor and I were heading to Indy this weekend and literally had to stop and turn around to get a photo of this child’s playhouse . . . yes, playhouse . . . notice I kept the ‘real’ home in the photo so you could get an idea of […]

52 sundays; june 3, 2012

Back in March, The Professor and I participated in the 3 Great Inns trip to Amish country in Ohio; we stopped at Pistacia Vera on our way out of town – and boy were we in for a treat!