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52 sundays; january 5, 2014

Smith Bites will celebrate its 5-year anniversary in 2014 – and as I sit here this Sunday morning, snow coming down in big, fat, heavy, beautiful flakes – I am somewhat gobsmacked that nearly 5 years have passed. Completely gobsmacked.

52 sundays; august 18, 2013

The two-story white farm house is tucked away at the end of a winding gravel road; deer and other wildlife share the land with a couple of dogs and a few other homes along that road but here, life is tranquil and meditative. The front end of two old rusted […]

52 sundays; july 14, 2013

The Professor and I were quite excited to see this little visitor to our gardens this week – a honeybee! When we first moved out to the country, honeybees were a common sighting; but after the first couple of years, they all disappeared and it’s a rare occurance indeed to […]

52 sundays; may 5, 2013

The Professor and I are headed to St. Louis today to attend the funeral of a very dear friend we lost last month; I’m going to write a bit more about Mary Gayle later, but suffice it to say that she was a bright, bright light in a sometimes very […]

52 sundays; april 21, 2013

It’s been a while since we’ve posted a ’52 sundays’ post – and I have to admit I’ve really missed this; sometimes life just gets far too busy and suddenly you discover it’s been months. Here are a few photos we took while in Columbus last month – all of […]

52 sundays; january 13, 2013

We hope wherever you are, you have the opportunity to pause for a moment and celebrate this day. And remember: always love with reckless abandon, dance in your underwear – and laugh often – especially at your own self . . . here’s to second cups of coffee ~ Thanks […]

52 sundays; december 30, 2012

We finally received a decent amount of snow here in the Midwest – nearly a foot out in the country where we live and more is on the way. We’re also puppy-sitting for this little cutie – she’s the last of the litter and is working her way into our […]

52 sundays; october 28, 2012

The Professor and I love visiting the West Coast and it’s not until I’m actually there breathing salty water, watching the boats bob about and hearing the screech of the seagulls that I realize how much I miss it.

52 sundays; october 21, 2012

The Professor and I are in beautiful Seattle once again – we’re finishing up a couple of projects with Shauna and Danny and had the pleasure of spending a Saturday visiting friends for a day of cider pressing.