Adrienne & Andy Neale with Tammy on Hope for Healing

Around the Tuesday Table Season 1
Around the Tuesday Table Season 1
Adrienne & Andy Neale with Tammy on Hope for Healing
Photo credit: Michael Richardson, Nashville Fit Magazine

The Neale’s underwent a series of autoimmune health crises in 2013 – a story filled with struggles, frustrations, and many discouragements.  Functional medicine and the holistic wellness community gave them both hope and healing. It also helped birth their business, ‘Holistic Made Easy’ where they work and serve others.

Andy and Adrienne are passionate about connecting holistic businesses in the local community to the people who can benefit from them.  

Enjoy listening to today’s episode!


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TAMMY RESLER supports and guides women and women leaders to feel energized and confident each day, through lifestyle, activity and food. Or more simply said, Tammy’s mission is all about helping humans be better, live better, eat better and move better! Smile.At Infuse Coaching, Tammy marries her passion for whole body wellness, with her people skills, in the role of an Integrative Nutrition Health and Leadership Coach. She offers one-on-one and group coaching, as well as, wellness retreats and team building workshops. Tammy is a coach, speaker and personal growth junkie, who loves Jesus and loves to see people live wholehearted lives and fulfilled in all their relationships.

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