Seasons Spring


variegated shades of green
wave overhead
wisps of blue fade and in out of focus
neighborhood birds raise their song
adding to the cacophony
of mooing cows, rambling school buses, barking dogs and laughing children
patterned blue pillows contrast against
dappled shade
on red chaise cushions
wind, invisible yet present, toss loose strands of
hair around my face
behind brown-tinted glasses I watch as
barn swallows cut through the sky with the sharpness of their wings
eyelids heavy
head droops
naps come easy
in the country
at midday in the Midwest


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Musical pairing – Celebration by Kool & The Gang

Easter came late this year and Cinco de Mayo, the Kentucky Derby and Mother’s Day all happen this week . . . oh and add college graduations in there and I’d say we have a very full dance card . . .

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Musical pairing – All We Are by Matt Nathanson

What feels like an eternity but in reality was only a month ago, The Professor was gone for the weekend and I took the opportunity to head down to Indianapolis to do some shopping . . . yep, actually drove. by. myself . . . and I didn’t get lost which is quite the accomplishment if you know me and my sense of direction . . . or the lack thereof . . . But on the way home, I stopped in at the grocery store and picked up a couple of salads from the deli counter; one was a Japanese Tofu salad and the other was a Quinoa (KEEN-wah) salad – I enjoyed them enough to recreate both with my own spin . . .

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52 sundays; april 17, 2011

On our trip to Vegas this past weekend, we took an afternoon just to explore some of the gorgeous hotels; these photos come from the MGM Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Gardens . . . that place is a site to behold!

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GIVEAWAY: BIG BOWL OF LOVE by Cristina Ferrare

Musical pairing – Ain’t Too Proud to Beg by The Temptations

CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED: Congratulations to Chris who said, ‘I order risotto out, but don’t really make it at home. Yum! I need to check out her show…sounds wonderful!’

Unpretentious yet sophisticated, easily accessible yet fabulous food you can serve at a dinner party – that is how I would describe Cristina Ferrare’s new book, ‘Big Bowl of Love’. I’m sure you know Cristina, but if you don’t you should check out her cooking show on Oprah’s OWN Network; she not only knows her way around the kitchen but Cristina is a hoot to watch. I laughed out loud during one episode where, after cooking spa food, she sits down at the table and asks the guest chef, ‘Is that all you’re going to serve me of this delicious food?!’ Cristina’s gusto and passion for great food is infectious . . . and great food is exactly what you get on page after beautiful page of satisfying recipes.

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Musical pairing – Baby Mine by Alison Krauss

Do you know Amanda? If you don’t, you should! She is the fabulous phenom behind blogs i am baker and i am mommy; this girl is not only talented, she has a heart of gold as is evidenced by this post. She is such an incredible baker and in fact, this cake got Martha Stewart’s attention, then there is this cake and how about these cookies? Talent in spades and a heart of gold . . . just doesn’t get much better than that folks.

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Musical pairing – Born to Be Wild by Steppenwolf

The Professor is on Spring Break and we’re headed to Savannah for our very first ‘Go Savor’ event; we’ll meet up with Amy and Robyn as well as several other talented bloggers and we’ll be savoring the good stuff Savannah has to offer! I have 24 hours to finish my laundry, clean off my work desk, clean my house (where is that maid we were supposed to hire . . . uhm, that would be us) I must decide what I’m wearing to said event, load up the car and then we’re headin’ down the highway . . .