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I am so. over. winter. No really, I am. This from someone who embraces each season, relishing the changes in the landscape, giddy over puffy, white clouds and bright blue skies as well as lover of rain clouds, fall leaves and the first snow . . . all within reason. But move it along, Mother Nature, let’s move it along already.

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You may have heard that there is a Big Game happening in our neck of the woods this coming weekend and this fine city has decked herself out in her very best Sunday clothes. The Professor and I have yet to make the journey downtown to experience this fineness but plans have been made to do just that this week . . . along with a bazillion other folks . . .

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I am over-the-moon excited to introduce you to a friend of mine, Audrey who will now be a regular contributor here at Smith Bites!  Audrey is a die-hard theme park junkie and is also a movie buff who also has her own movie blog – and will be writing about all things food relating to movies – doesn’t that sound like fun?!! When we first chatted about her being a contributor, we tossed around several ideas but when she finally said, ‘you know, I’ve been obsessed with making the infamous sandwich from Spanglish . . .’ and I have to tell you, the little hairs on my neck and arms stood on end . . . and the rest, as they say, is history. Take it away Audrey!

Hi. My name is Audrey and I confess to being an aspiring foodie who barely knows her way around a kitchen. You may remember me as the girl who didn’t understand the concept of a scone. And yet, almost exactly one year ago I was able to make some exquisite versions of the pastries with the help from Debra of Smith Bites.  As I get older, and as I assume my husband’s tolerance for food poisoning can only last so long, I’m ready to learn how to cook well.

In an effort to blend this new world of culinary arts with my love of pop culture, I’ll be recreating food from some of my favorite movies. I’ll be making desserts from Harry Potter, bread from Lord of the Rings, and I just may give my own recipe of Trek-inspired Romulan Ale an intergalactic whirl. If anything can keep me motivated when I’m intimidated, when I want to lurk away and lick my knife and spatula wounds, it will be the interaction with the movies I know so well.

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We are pretty big on pizza here at Smith Bites, who isn’t? And I would have to say that we’re pretty snobbish when it comes to good pizza – make that really good pizza – so most of the time that means we make it at home.  About a month ago, we ventured out and tried a new pizza place in Carmel (pronounced like the candy) called ‘Pizzology‘ that was recommended in the Indianapolis Monthly magazine. We ordered a sausage & fennel pizza and enjoyed it so much we wanted to recreate it at home – but with our own twist!

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DIM SUM . . . and then some . . .

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No matter how well you plan something, “stuff” happens, and never is this more true than when traveling.  When we made a quick 3-day trip to Salt Lake City back in May, our intentions were to see our granddaughter, meet Maria and Josh from TwoPeasAndTheirPod, and check out some local culinary establishments – quite a bit for 3 short days.  The Professor takes great pride in planning our trips and he does a fantastic job.  In his Internet research wizardry, he also found that the Viking Cooking School in Salt Lake City offers some pretty fantastic cooking classes.  Our first cooking class together was during our trip to Charleston, SC in March and was a blast – besides, this cooking class would be about Dim Sum!

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In my childhood town of Walla Walla, there is a little burger joint on Birch street called, ‘The Ice-burg’ that has been a fixture in that community for almost 60 years.  My mom and dad dined on those burgers and shakes as teenagers (it was ‘the’ hangout) and I’ve been known to indulge in a chocolate-banana shake . . . ok, maybe two.  The place still looks like it did when they opened in 1953 – reminiscent of an old-fashioned Drive-In from movies like ‘American Graffiti’ and ‘Grease’.  Voted ‘Best in the West of the Mississippi’ by USA Today, the place is legendary – quite a feat considering Walla Walla is home to several award-winning wines, vineyards and fancy-schmancy restaurants on the West coast.   Nostalgic sigh . . .