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We spent this past weekend with our ‘Nati’ family (translate: Cincinnati family) which is always filled with lots of laughs and great conversation; in fact, there was a story about cupcakes that put all of us into fits of laughter but that story will have to wait until another post.  I love, no, make that LOVE caramel – deep golden amber, buttery, silky, melt-in-your-mouth rich caramel.  Pies, cakes, cupcakes (there’s that word again), candy – doesn’t matter – if it has caramel in it, that’s always my first choice for something sweet; add a bit of chocolate and a pinch of salt and I’ve died and gone to heaven.  And since this weekend was going to be a super quick trip and since I was dying to share this recipe and since I knew I’d be leaving the leftovers with them (because really, I could eat an entire batch myself!), it was perfect timing.  And because really, how can you go wrong with a Martha Stewart recipe?

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This past summer, we vacationed in Michigan with our Cincinnati family – all artists in their own right:  Randy, an architectural engineer who designs museums all over the world, Elaine, owner of a graphics design company and sketches beautifully, Avery, a senior this year (OK – I need a moment to catch my breath because how did that happen – wasn’t she just 5???) an extremely talented writer and poet who has won a host of awards and 14-year-old Lydia (another ‘OMG – how did that happen?!’ moment), an incredible talent in paint, sketching, charcoals – you name it, the girl can create it – she too, has won her share of awards.   The ‘Nati’ family loves to cook and eat which makes them super good company and me a very happy camper!  And did I mention that they all know a thing or two about cameras?  They took some really lovely pictures of the food we enjoyed.

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All those who have avoided making a souffle because you thought it was too difficult, raise your hand . . .

(raises hand)

I can’t tell you how many years, times I wanted to make a souffle and talked myself out of it because it involved whipping huge bowls of egg whites, securing some sort of  paper cone around a souffle dish and then offering up prayers and your first born to the souffle gods in order to guarantee success.  But this past week, I threw caution to the wind (and since my first born is now fully grown), grabbed Judith Jones’ recipe and gave it a whirl – and whadaya know – success the first time (and the crowd goes wild)!