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Well friends, I am plum-tuckered, spent, zapped and officially feel as if I could sleep for the next two months; I’ve been traveling since September and I haven’t been home much these past several weeks. But I also have to say that I’ve never been more inspired, humbled and ready to tackle new projects than I am now . . . that is, after I sleep for the next two months . . .

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Musical pairing – Let The Sun Shine by Labrinth

The days are shorter, nights longer, temperatures cooler . . . bon fires, raking leaves, one final sweep of the lawn with the mower, we tuck the outdoor furniture away and drag the garden hose, shovel, pitch fork, trowel and gloves to the shed; we admire the mums, place the pumpkins on the porch steps, replace the welcome mat, drink hot chocolate, share s’mores  . . . *snap* and just like that – it’s fall.

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Alice Currah is one of those people that makes you happy just being around her; energetic, smart with a deep love for her family, Alice is a real people person, an extrovert in the business of putting everyone around her at ease. She is the publisher of the fabulous Savory Sweet Life where she shares her favorite family recipes as well as small snippets of life with her husband and adorable children.

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Happy New Year!  This is the Professor.  You might have noticed that it’s been a little quiet here at Smith Bites over the Holidays; Debra had a kidney stone and subsequent infection, but with mega doses of antibiotic and a little TLC, everything seems to be under control.   Her energy is returning and we’ll be back to regular posting again soon.

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Some recipes are foolproof. Especially the ones composed of wonderful things that are delightful alone and are therefore even better together. This is one of those recipes. And I needed the kick off to Halloween season to be a good one. To me, Halloween is a season of atmosphere and flavor. But to most people, and pardon me while I make myself sound like an old codger, but to most people it’s all about the gore. And I hate the gore. When did Halloween get to be so gross? Was it the eighties? It was the eighties wasn’t it…I blame the rise of the slasher movie. Of course, I’m also a little weary of the gory side of Halloween because I’ve been to several terrifying Halloween events already. (Busch Gardens Howl-O-Scream, Halloween Horror Nights, the Spooky Empire Zombie Walk, etc.) So you know what I need? I need a Norman Rockwellian holiday Halloween this year. I need leafy garlands and soft white, purple and orange twinkle lights. I need, as usual, a good stiff drink . . .

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Musical pairing – Star Trek Theme

You know, Romulan Ale is illegal. It’s against Starfleet Regulations to serve or carry it on any ships. Of course, you might not know that if you’ve never watched any Star Trek shows or movies. You might not even know what Romulan Ale is. I’ll tell you, it is the blue-tinged Everclear of the science fiction universe. A drink so potent and powerful that the fictional United Federation of Planets banned it altogether. You see, in the future we will all drink synthehol. An alcohol substitute that offers Starfleet members all the benefits of a cocktail without any of the pesky side effects of our lesser evolved fermented Earth beverages.

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Musical pairing – Snake Man by The Doobie Brothers

The Professor here, again for what is becoming a regular “feature” on Smith Bites about beer.

I have a brother who travels the world for the work he does, and gets to experience different cultures and cuisines on a regular basis.  Over the 4th of July weekend, he was telling me about a trip he made to Singapore.  The group of Americans he was with wanted to go to an Irish Pub. (In Singapore?…really?)   My brother is one of these guys who would rather experience the local foods of the places he visits.   But, he was hungry and didn’t want to be difficult.

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Musical pairing – Summer Wind by Madeleine Peyroux

I don’t remember why or when I started making this beer cocktail, but the Shandy has become my summer staple when the temperature rises in Indiana.

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Musical pairing – A Love That Will Last by Renee Olstead

You know I’m a Seattle girl so when Seattle’s Best contacted me and asked if I’d be interested in doing a review of their new ‘Levels System‘ for coffee, I said, ‘I’m in!’ You might be surprised to know that I haven’t always been a coffee drinker and in fact, for years was of the opinion that anyone who drank coffee needed to have their taste buds checked . . . strong, bitter and very acidic, I just didn’t get it. And then coffee bars came onto the scene . . . and with coffee bars came sweet flavors like vanilla, caramel and chocolate . . . as well as milk, cream and half & half . . . and just like that, I was a coffee junkie . . .

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Musical pairing – Born to Be Wild by Steppenwolf

The Professor is on Spring Break and we’re headed to Savannah for our very first ‘Go Savor’ event; we’ll meet up with Amy and Robyn as well as several other talented bloggers and we’ll be savoring the good stuff Savannah has to offer! I have 24 hours to finish my laundry, clean off my work desk, clean my house (where is that maid we were supposed to hire . . . uhm, that would be us) I must decide what I’m wearing to said event, load up the car and then we’re headin’ down the highway . . .

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Musical pairing – Thank You (Falletin Me Be Mice Elf Again) by Gladys Knight & the Pips

Here we are at the end of 2010 and at the beginning of a brand new year; remarkable, yes? It has been a crazy, wonderful, challenging yet very rewarding year.  And while it seems cliche to say this, it is simply the truth: Smith Bites is here because of you.  Our readers who come to this place, read our words, try our recipes and leave comments or not – you’re still here.  You’ve been generous to share this blog with your friends and family – and we appreciate every single one of you and sincerely say, ‘thank you.’ We’ve put together a short little video at the bottom of this post so be sure to take a few moments to watch!