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Alien Encounters: Jicama – There’s no doubt about it: Jicama (HIH-kih-muh) can be quite intimidating. The large, brownish root, derived, Mark Bittman informs me, from a poisonous Central American vine, is very possibly as large as my head and devilishly tricky to peel. Not to mention the fact that the jicama will probably always be directly connected in my mind with the mysterious and slightly alien.

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GIVEAWAY: BIG BOWL OF LOVE by Cristina Ferrare

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CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED: Congratulations to Chris who said, ‘I order risotto out, but don’t really make it at home. Yum! I need to check out her show…sounds wonderful!’

Unpretentious yet sophisticated, easily accessible yet fabulous food you can serve at a dinner party – that is how I would describe Cristina Ferrare’s new book, ‘Big Bowl of Love’. I’m sure you know Cristina, but if you don’t you should check out her cooking show on Oprah’s OWN Network; she not only knows her way around the kitchen but Cristina is a hoot to watch. I laughed out loud during one episode where, after cooking spa food, she sits down at the table and asks the guest chef, ‘Is that all you’re going to serve me of this delicious food?!’ Cristina’s gusto and passion for great food is infectious . . . and great food is exactly what you get on page after beautiful page of satisfying recipes.

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I’m willing to bet that I’m not the only one who’s ever spent a lot of time looking forward to a break only to find it whizz by all too fast, jam-packed with get-togethers and appointments, outings and trips. So was my spring break this year. No sooner had I arrived home in Cincinnati than I was swept off my feet with a veritable tidal wave of things to do and people to see. And though almost all of the things I had to do were enjoyable– seeing old friends, taking my sister to breakfast before her schoolday started, and trying a new Cincinnati restaurant that serves up solely the most delectable grilled cheeses and tomato soups– there was nonetheless a part of me that yearned to just be home in my own house, observing spring blossom outside of the window.

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I have never met a potato I didn’t like . . . wait . . . let me rephrase that . . . I have never met a potato I didn’t love. It must be part of my Irish heritage somewhere in my gene pool because I swear to the heavens above, you can place a chocolate-anything on the same table with a potato-anything and like a bloodhound on the scent of a ‘coon, I will choose the potato . . . every. single. time.

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The Professor is on Spring Break and we’re headed to Savannah for our very first ‘Go Savor’ event; we’ll meet up with Amy and Robyn as well as several other talented bloggers and we’ll be savoring the good stuff Savannah has to offer! I have 24 hours to finish my laundry, clean off my work desk, clean my house (where is that maid we were supposed to hire . . . uhm, that would be us) I must decide what I’m wearing to said event, load up the car and then we’re headin’ down the highway . . .

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I am thrilled to be guest-posting over at Cakeduchess today; Lora and I have become great friends via twitter but I feel as if I’ve known her my whole life! I’ve been a fan of her blog for a while now – she found me first when she made one of The Professor’s favorite desserts and we’ve been fast friends since.  Turns out her husband’s family and my mother’s family are both from the Calabria region of Italy – how cool is that?!
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All I remember about that particular Valentine’s day is his downy-fuzz blonde hair and tiny little hands wrapped inside white flannel mittens decorated with red hearts. It had been a challenging delivery with labor starting and stopping the entire week before the baby boy finally arrived; trips to the hospital and then back home again only to be repeated every 48 hours or so. A scan finally revealed the baby boy wasn’t positioned correctly, was now in distress and a cesarian was quickly scheduled. But just as we were being prepped and wheeled into a waiting operating room, the baby boy flipped . . . and suddenly . . . he was here. Blonde-hair, blue eyes, 7 pounds, 9.5 ounces and 22-inches long, my baby boy was finally here.

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At the moment, we’re in one of the largest winter storms this country has seen in decades; covering 33 States, we experienced the first round of snow and ice beginning around 6pm last night and within the first 30 minutes our skylights were covered in ice. The Professor managed to wrangle the garbage can to the street but we have no idea if the garbage collectors will make it this morning as there is already a third of an inch of ice covering the roadways and our trees. Round two begins around noon today with another inch of ice expected to fall . . . followed by snow . . . and 40 mile per hour winds. Anyone want to take bets as to whether or not we lose power?

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I was 13 years old when my Dad’s job was transferred to Arizona and, having never lived anywhere else in my life, moving all the way to Arizona was a big, big deal. Friends asked if I was going to ride a horse to school and if we would live in a teepee or a real house – they were dead serious.  Through the eyes of a somewhat sheltered 13-year-old, Arizona was the wild, wild west full of Indian reservations, hot deserts with very large cacti, cowboys, cowboy boots, their trucks, rattlesnakes and scorpions.

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Here’s the deal . . . when Virginia Willis says that you need to buy a particular cookbook, pay attention . . . pay close attention and do exactly what she’s telling you to do.  Why? Well, because she’s Virginia Willis and she just knows these things. When she recommended this book, I high-tailed it to my nearest Sur La Table and bought a copy.  Can I just say that Virginia was right?

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If you saw this post then you’ll know how fortunate I am to have great blogging friends – especially blogging friends who live on the west coast in Southern California and who have Meyer lemon trees growing in their own yard . . . who then gleefully shared her good fortune by shipping boxes of Meyer lemons all over the country sprinkling Meyer lemon fairy dust over those of us covered in snow . . .