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We had the privilege of having niece Avery as an intern this past summer; she helped organize and schedule several video interviews we wanted to tell and we had the extra benefit of her writing talent. Avery is a freshman at Indiana University in Bloomington furthering her studies in the arts and writing. We know we’re biased but we think she is quite talented. This is the piece she wrote as an introduction for this interview – take it away Avery!

At Turner Farm, located in the verdant Cincinnati suburb Indian Hill, summer is still summer. Unlike at the local supermarket, there is no air conditioning to retreat to here, nor any timeless arrays of produce misted on rotation to effortlessly sift among. There are no boxes of food—in varying degrees of fossilization—lined up on shelves stretching for rows and rows. Here, the sun beats down. One can feel the change in temperature from sun-warmed field to tree-lined sheep pen. Though one will find carrots and tomatoes, basil, peppers, zucchini, beets, and cucumbers, among other produce, in the small, barn-like “Turner Farm market,” there are no pears or oranges to be found. Chickens roam free, filling the underbrush with the gentle clucking sound of their gossip, and tan cows lay in a shady corner of their nearby pasture.

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Musical pairing – Bang Bang by David Sanborn

Well here we are, 4th of July weekend . . . also the end of the week and you’re either having guests for the holiday or you’ve been invited to someone’s party.  And you’re supposed to bring something to share . . . problem is you just don’t have the energy to flip through magazines or that binder of recipes tucked away in a kitchen drawer to find something to make.  Sound familiar? You’re not alone. In fact, this is me right now. So here’s what I’m making – this super delicious, cool and refreshing Watermelon Salad with Jalapeno and Lime . . .

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Musical pairing – Blue Skies by Eva Cassidy

I have always turned up my nose at pasta salads because, horror of horrors, I’m not a fan of mayonnaise and most recipes are dripping with the stuff . . . and cheese . . . and bacon . . . and peas . . . and a multitude of other ingredients making the end result much too starchy and gloppy for my taste.

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Musical pairing – Meet Me in California by Plain White T’s

I’m baaaccckkkkk from a week in Santa Cruz with lots of crazy adventures like our forced march, hike through the Redwood forest (that’s us – the tiny group at the bottom left of that very big tree).  The climb took 4 + hours to complete – 4 miles hiking up 500 feet and back down again.  Believe me, there were times . . . oh who am I kidding . . . there were MANY, MANY times I wanted to quit but I persevered and made it . . . last into camp, but I was upright and no paramedics were called; a feat in-and-of-itself considering just how out of shape I am!

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Seedlings 2010; Photo by The Professor

Musical pairing – Waitin’ on a Sunny Day by Bruce Springsteen
This is the time of year when I get antsy to get outside and dig in the dirt – and it’s been a particularly llllooonnngggg winter; in fact, I’d dare say it’s been quite the winter for lots of folks.  But when I see my West Coast and Southern food bloggers waxing poetic about their strawberry shortcakes with Chantilly cream, fava bean salads, spring risottos with asparagus or rhubarb cakes, I must admit I get a wee bit jealous and begin plotting my exodus from the cold Midwest . . . and if my mother-in-law is reading this . . . I’m kidding . . . sort of . . .