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by Debra

If you’re like me, school is back in session and most mornings the alarm comes way earlier than you’d like, am I right? In my house, there are lunches to pack, showers to be had, workouts to be completed and breakfast to be eaten – and sometimes I’d like something more than a green smoothie, scrambled egg or piece of toast with nut butter. The Professor needs something with protein but we also want our breakfast healthy – as in nothing with sugar yet is filling and tastes great!

This gluten-free egg salad breakfast open-faced sandwich is made using the Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper of Sabra’s new line of refrigerated spreads designed for sandwiches. Besides being a new way to love hummus, these new spreads contain 75% less fat than mayo and come in convenient squeeze bottles and best of all, they taste delicious!


Garlic Herb, Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper and Honey Mustard are vegan, kosher, gluten-free, and non-dairy, contain 0g Trans Fat, 0mg Cholesterol and are made with high quality ingredients. They are also the first line of refrigerated spreads from Sabra that are made with Hummus and will be available in the deli section of grocery stores. Learn more at

Try Garlic Herb spread on a veggie sandwich or Honey Mustard spread paired with Ham or chicken – or make this egg salad breakfast sandwich (The Professor packed a few triangles in his lunch to enjoy with his soup).


Sandwiches taste better with #SabraSpreads!



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