We managed to make it through The Professor’s first year of teaching at a new university – but wow, this year has sped by super fast!! He’ll continue to teach this summer but with a lighter student load and shorter days which means we’ll have more time for the garden and it also means we have more time to gather friends and family around our table.

Most of the time those gatherings are organized, dates secured, menus planned and put on our calendars; but this summer we’d like to do a few more impromptu gatherings – a little less formal, a little more casual and less fussy. It’s about the food, yes; but it’s more about community and connection – and we all want more of that please! Something along the lines of a simple salad using ingredients from the garden we’re planting this year or grabbing ingredients from the pantry and refrigerator for a sandwich bar or picking up tubs of Sabra hummus from the grocery store and whipping up this 5-ingredient, gluten-free, Asian-inspired BBQ sauce that can be used on just about any grilled meat.

The recipe is as simple as dumping everything into a single saucepan over medium heat, stirring until blended and heat to a simmer; it can be made ahead and used on most grilled foods – we had ribs in the refrigerator so that’s what we used but the sauce would be great on cocktail meatballs, skewered shrimp – even salmon or veggies.

It’s National Hummus day and in celebration, today only until midnight (5/13) Sabra is giving away coupons so you can make your own ‘unofficial meal’ – head on over to sabra.com to grab yours. You can also look for #NationalHummusDay on Instagram and get other ideas on how to celebrate today.


It may be called the ‘unofficial meal’ – here at Smith Bites, we call it ‘delicious!’

Disclosure: I am being compensated for sharing Sabra products with our readers; however, everything I write here are my own words, my own opinion, and my own experiences.

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