We don’t make casseroles very often now but I do remember making them weekly when I was a single mom; they almost always included canned cream of chicken or mushroom soup, a pound of protein in the form of chicken or ground beef and a frozen vegetable – usually carrots or corn. Add a tossed green salad and dinner was on the table in about an hour.

This Farmer’s Ranch Cottage Pie is a nod to a traditional Shepard’s Pie; I’ve made a few swaps such as ground beef for lamb and I’m also using Sabra Farmer’s Ranch Greek Yogurt Dip in lieu of the usual butter, milk, cream and cheese in the mashed potato topping – it is just as luxurious and creamy!


We all know dips are perfect paired with chips or served alongside a gorgeous platter of fresh crudite – but they’re are also great as a salad dressing, a base for soups and can even be used as a spread for sandwiches. All of Sabra’s Greek Yogurt Dips are made using fresh-from-the-farm vegetables – real ingredients made by real people.


Keep it real and head on over to Sabra’s Nothing Hidden site to grab a $2 off coupon on dips to pack in lunches, for dipping your favorite snacks or your next get-together! Be sure to share your recipes on social media and use the hashtag #NothingHidden – I’d love to see what you make!

Disclosure: I am being compensated for sharing Sabra products with our readers; however, everything I write here are my own words, my own opinion, and my own experiences.



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  2. What a great use for the Greek Yogurt Dip, Debra! You are so smart! I love mashed potatoes, and 2 ingredient mashies sound fantastic. Cottage and shepherd’s pie are so comforting and delicious. =)

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