september 28, 2015

Blood Moon the night before, ruffly clouds appear to be blown across the crystal blue skies this morning; hundreds of starlings cover graveyard tombstones as they gather to migrate towards warmer climates. Cold weather is coming – that is a given in this part of the country – but today the humidity is high and my clothes stick to my body as I push my feet onward around the perimeter of the cemetery, rock crunching under the rubbery tread of my shoes. Hundreds of acres of amber-colored soy beans surround the neighborhood; harvest begins soon and large clouds of dust and dirt will dance about like a dervish as the tractor makes its way up and down each row – a routine I’ve witnessed now for nearly 20 autumns. In the next couple of months the fields and tombstones will be covered in snow making it impossible for me to walk my loop – so today I’m embracing the heat and humidity as I know Mother Nature is attempting to fake me out – because I know she is really in the process of putting this summer to bed.

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