It’s been a great summer here at the Smith Bites Homestead; it is the first summer where The Professor didn’t teach during the break and we’ve had more than eight weeks to dig in our garden, work on our home and just simple be – sleep late, stay up late, read books, have friends over, bake, grill, eat and repeat. It has been glorious and was exactly what I needed to fill my soul.

We definitely had a list of tasks we wanted to check off our to-do list (hello garage that hadn’t been cleaned in a year!) but the only deadline was that they be completed by the time school started again. And in the midst of our laid-back summer was an unexpected opportunity for employment, interviews and a brand new job for The Professor at a new university – still here in the Midwest, but it meant a return to teaching audio and having the opportunity to help build a new program. Yes, it’s been a wonderful summer, indeed.


Scones are one of those recipes we find ourselves baking at least twice a month and The Professor has become quite adept at making them; cold buttery bits, cream and egg are gently worked into soft dough bespeckled with chunks of frozen fruit – in this case, it’s Georgia peaches – and patted into a rectangle, then cut into wedges. The recipe makes eight scones, but we bake two of them off and freeze the remainder for those days when we’re either running late or we are being leisurely and want to enjoy one with our morning coffee – either way, these are some of our very favorites.


I do hope your summer was fabulous – bring on fall!


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