How’s your summer so far? While the calendar says that summer has indeed begun, our weather has not quite cooperated – the rain has been relentless with flooding and I swear the kamakaze mosquitos fly in formation with me as their number one target – oof!

I did manage to bake a batch of really lovely doughnuts – sour cherry doughnuts to be exact, but before I could take better photos, The Professor had grabbed one . . . make that two . . . you know he loves all things sweet, yes? So even though there is only a single photo taken with my iPhone, you’ll have to trust me on this one – these are really, really good.

And while I realize sour cherries are more than likely already out of season, you can file this recipe away for next year or substitute bing cherries – they won’t be quite as tart but they’re still going to taste delicious!

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