It appears I’m always running behind – from current fashion trends to food-centric holidays with Cinco de Mayo being no exception. If you find yourself scrambling for something quick and easy to serve, this might be the recipe for you – but first, I’m going to share a bit of our recent trip The Professor and I took with a few of our Sabra Tastemaker friends.

For me, New York City has always been a place of adventure and excitement as well as a healthy dose of fear and trepidation; adventure and excitement in its diverseness, theater, museums and food. Fear and trepidation in the sheer size and closeness of buildings as well as the hordes of people; and as a girl living in the country, I have yet to articulate the traffic situation in New York. All I can say is that those of you living and driving in New York – you are brave, brave souls.



The purpose of this trip was to learn about Sabra’s Greek Yogurt Dips – and since I’ve been known to polish off an entire tub of Onion Dip in one sitting (we’re all friends here, right???), I feel I have some serious street cred when it comes to quality dips. What I was surprised to learn is that every variety of Sabra’s Greek Yogurt Dips is made in one plant – even the yogurt – which means you receive the freshest product available. We also sampled a brand new flavor to be released in the next few months: Ranch. I predict it’s going to be the biggest seller in this line – it is fantastic.


Back to this taco salad; The Professor and I cook together nearly every night but sometimes, just like everyone else, we’re exhausted by the end of the day and we haven’t given a thought to what we’re having for supper. Those are the days we take cheats and pull together something with pre-packaged foods while still trying to keep it a little healthy but above all, great tasting; this is one of those dishes. Yes, Sabra Greek Yogurt Dips are obviously perfect for dipping: chips, veggies, meatballs and the like – but we used the Crisp Bell Pepper Dip to top this taco salad in lieu of the usual sour cream.


And you know what? It’s really good!

Disclosure: I am being compensated for sharing Sabra products with our readers; however, everything I write here are my own words, my own opinion, and my own experiences.


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  3. i want to make this !

  4. Stephanie

    Yes! I could eat this 4 nights a week. I love the idea of using the yogurt dip instead of sour cream!

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