I cannot believe a week has passed since we landed in Italy. Our time in Milan and seeing the Expo will absolutely the highlight of our year; it truly is a spectacular event and if you have an opportunity to visit, please don’t miss it.

The countries represented, the architecture of the buildings, the displays and the art have been so well planned, you’ll have a difficult time seeing everything in a single day; it can be done but plan on spending the entire day and even though there is quite a bit of walking, there are plenty of chairs, benches and spaces for sitting when you need to take a break.

Asparagus is in season both here in Italy and at home and when this time of year rolls around, we can’t seem to get enough; pasta with asparagus, strawberries with asparagus, asparagus tarts, asparagus breakfast wraps and this simple dish – asparagus salad with chopped egg.


There really isn’t a recipe per se, but rather an assembly of fresh ingredients which takes less than 30 minutes to prepare – and you have a dish that for me, represents spring.

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