I have spring on my mind even if Mother Nature isn’t quite cooperating; we enjoy a handful of glorious days with perfect temperatures and Robin’s Egg blue skies and 48 hours later it’s overcast and gloomy. However, my peonies have poked their plumy-pink stems up through the ground as has our rhubarb patch so I know spring is here; the koi pond has been cleaned, the fountain is running and it looks like this coming weekend will be our first mow of the season. 

We’ve been busy planning our garden and The Professor has started seeds which will be ready to transplant in another few weeks; peas, lettuces, fennel, cucumbers, eggplant, tomatoes, beans, beets and squash will be planted in our raised beds – new this year and I have to admit, we’re pretty jazzed. We’ll also trying a few potatoes, onions and garlic as well as nasturtiums, zinnias and sunflowers. We have extended travel scheduled for all of May and into June but the remainder of the summer will be spent in the garden with the bees.


And I must admit, I’m really looking forward to all the great summer food we’ll share with friends and family – do you love summer food too? There’s just something about dining al fresco that makes me super happy!

This meringue roulade makes me super happy too because I have dreamed about making meringues for years; I hesitated because I believed meringues were ‘fussy’ and ‘too difficult’ to master. Turns out I was wrong . . . and if I’m being honest, I’ve been wrong about a lot of things but we don’t need to share that with anyone – we can keep it between you and me, yes?


Making a meringue roulade might seem daunting but I promise you, it’s not. Light, fluffy, sticky marshmallow, spoons itself gently around softly whipped cream; brightly-colored lemon curd swirls peek from underneath a scattereing of blueberries. Sprinkle a few sliced almonds for a bit of crunch, shake a dusting of powdered sugar over the top and I promise, you’ve just created a swoon-worthy dessert.


And the best part? It’s ready to eat in a little more than an hour.



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  2. This is so ridiculously gorgeous. I’ve yet to try my hand at a meringue but it’s been on my bucket list for awhile now. I love the roulade and lemon + blueberries. It’s perfection! We’ve been having a wacky spring here too. Sunny one day followed by snow! Soon enough, soon enough!!

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