Doughnuts. The mere mention of doughnuts and my knees grow weak; glazed, frittered, cream-filled, jelly-filled, cinnamon dusted, powder sugar dusted, nut-topped, plain, fried or baked, I’ll admit to being an equal opportunity eater of all things doughnuts. 

My uncle Jimmy was a professional baker who worked long hours at a local grocery store chain for many years until his retirement; cookies, chocolate cupcakes, decorated cakes, pies and doughnuts were always available – and one free sugar cookie was always given to the littles – fat chubby hands greedily reaching for a perfectly round, sugar-sprinkled confection.


Quite often Uncle Jimmy would bring home a box of Maple Bars, also known in these parts as a Long John – why the difference in name, I don’t know. But as a kid, I remember opening that white or pink box and seeing a dozen long, fried rectangular bars that had been spread with maple or chocolate glaze. It was a real treat when we visited their house as doughnuts weren’t part of the usual treats while living in the little house on Ankeny Street.


The Professor and I have been working towards perfecting our baking this winter – doughnuts are great anytime but especially during the winter when it’s dreary and cold, don’t you agree? One Saturday we baked up a dozen cake doughnuts and topped them with cinnamon-sugar, coconut, powdered-sugar and, in a nod to Uncle Jimmy, these Maple-glazed, bacon doughnuts.


They’re gluten-free but no one will know the difference!


  1. Is there a donut pan you would recommend?

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