As I’m certain is true for most of the U.S., we like pizza in this house and in fact, have pizza at least once a week at the old Smith Bites Homestead. And while we adore a sourdough or yeasted gluten-free crust, there are times when I don’t have dough ready to go when the mood strikes.

A few months back, I happened to catch a Facebook status about bar-style pizza – pizza made using flour tortillas and using a seasoned cast-iron skillet; it seemed too good to be true – because we’d tried, and failed, to successfully use a tortilla as a pizza base. Turns out, the method of using a cast-iron skillet guarantees success – as well as using a good flour tortilla base.

We’ve written about Toufayan Gluten-Free Wraps before and we wondered if a wrap might work for our pizza; I’m happy to report it works perfectly!! The trick, as I said, is using a hot cast-iron skillet as well as keeping your toppings simple and using a light hand when applying. Toufayan Gluten-Free Wraps are the only wraps we use; they are soft, bendable and taste like a real flour wrap; they’re made without any trans fats and have been family-owned for 90 years.

This recipe is a cheater’s version of a Midwest pizza I wasn’t aware existed until I moved here about 18 years ago; at first, I couldn’t imagine eating a BBQ Pork pizza . . . but turns out, it’s now one of my favorites. Does this officially make me a Hoosier?


Make the pizza. Ready in 12-minutes, it’s a game-changer, I promise.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post and we are being compensated to share this information with our readers; however, all opinions are strictly our own



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  2. Just checked and it looks like none of our area stores are carrying the GF wraps. Too bad, this looks amazing and perfect for dinners when the day has been too long 😉

  3. This is FANTASTIC. Good Lord would ya look at that. Now I’m all weak.

  4. I saw the same recipe and thought, “Huh. I wonder if it’s any good?” Fast-forward a few weeks and we make it on a weekly basis. It’s my we-don’t-have-anything-to-eat-but-I-don’t-want-to-go-out meal. It reminds us of Hot Box. Last night Elena wanted me to teach her how to make it, which is a huge step for her in the kitchen. I’ll have to try your version!

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