The Professor has been in LA at a college-related workshop all week and while I’ve missed him, I also know he’s had a great time; so far, the group has visited the Dancing With Stars set to watch this week’s live performances as well as a trip to the DreamWorks studio. They weren’t allowed to take photos but that’s alright because the excitement in his voice as he relayed the details was all I needed to know it has been a fabulous experience. 

This annual workshop has been on The Professor’s bucket list for the last five years; it’s an invitation-only event and this year, he’s one of 20 faculty to be selected from colleges all over the country. Needless-to-say, I’m super proud he was chosen.

I’m holding down the homefront while he’s away; this is the time of year where our work schedule kicks into high-gear with not only wrapping up The Professor’s semester, but our workload is heavy and we’re also directing our church’s Christmas production – I’ve not been bored this week.

Late September, we attended the first-ever Big Harvest Potluck and I must admit, I think this may have been my most favorite one yet; fabulous speakers in one of the most gorgeous settings I’ve seen – Burpee Fordhook Farms. The weather was still warm enough for flip-flops and picnic lunches on the lawn – hot air balloon rides created the perfect backdrop for an Italian-inspired dinner on the deck as candles glowed, wine poured and the sun set. The Potluck events truly are the highlight of my year.

But now it’s almost mid-November and I’ve been thinking about this year’s holiday menu; while in the past we’ve hosted the big day here at our home, we’re taking it easy this year and keeping it small. These delicious twice-baked potato jackets are a healthier version of their butter-laden counterpart; stuffed with fluffy, mashed potatoes mixed with classic hummus, they are drizzled with olive oil, broiled until the tops are golden and crispy. A sprinkle of chopped fresh rosemary and sea salt is a match made in heaven!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post and I am being paid to share this recipe with our readers; however, as always, all opinions are strictly mine.



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  2. What a great way to make stuffed potatoes a tad healthier yet not compromise on the taste!

  3. I can only imagine how good these are. I think I may be adding this to my make it list this week. Yum. HUGS!!!

  4. When we sat down to our very first meal in London, we were intrigued to see “jacket potatoes” on the menu. A potato dish we’ve never heard of?! We had to find out what they were and order them. When we told our waitress we call them “potato skins” back home, she wrinkled her nose in disgust. “Jacket sounds much better and proper, don’t you think?” We do! Thanks for sharing your recipe and bringing back a fun memory from our trip!

  5. I love the idea of mixing hummus into your potatoes instead of butter and sour cream. So much healthier! And I bet the taste is out of this world, too!! You could have a lot of fun using the different flavors of Sabre Hummus as well.

  6. I love rosemary with potatoes, these look like an amazing side dish! What a great trip to LA, something I am sure he will remember forever!

  7. My family would go nuts for these potatoes!

  8. Congratulations, professor! I’m so happy for you. And I was so glad to see this video and to have those memories and messages brought back. It was such a special time. Excellent videography Rod and Mackenzie. I can’t wait to see you again next year. xo

  9. I love a good twice baked potato, and those Yukon Golds are some of my favorites!

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