It’s the day before Thanksgiving and while the family celebration will not be in our home this year, we still find ourselves in the kitchen baking; I guess some habits are hard to break. My family is spread out all over the United States from one coast to the other and a few States in between so we aren’t together for holidays; The Professor’s family is anchored in Indiana with a brother in close proximity in the Cincinnati area – it’s nice to share a meal with the family and to visit with the nieces and nephew who are out conquering the world.

If you’re looking for a fluffly, buttery biscuit to add to your holiday table, these are the biscuits to make; the best part about this recipe is that they’re not only gluten-free, they’re also make-ahead so you can pull the recipe together today, pop in the freezer and bake off about 30-minutes before you’re ready to sit down at the table. In fact, we make a batch of these, bake off two, freeze the rest on a parchment-lined baking sheet; once completely frozen, I place the biscuits in zipped pastic baggies. You can bake them off straight from the freezer, no need to thaw – just add another 5-minutes or so to the baking time.

And honestly? Don’t save these just for the holidays. Sunday Brunch or even a weekday supper with a soft scrambled egg – you won’t be disappointed, pinky-swear!


I’ve mentioned Fork in the Road before so it’s no secret how much I love this company and I’ve used their Black Forest Ham in this recipe – a hint of smokiness with the perfect blend of spice, this Black Forest Ham is the best I’ve ever had. All Fork in the Road products are made using heritage meat raised on small farms whose farmers believe in treating their animals humanely – vegetarian diets and never confined in crates or given antibiotics, growth enhancers or added hormones and no nitrates. Fork in the Road is definitely worth seeking out if they’re offered in your area.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE – wishing you a season of kind words, tolerance, grace and above all, love; we are so very thankful you are here!

Disclosure: I am not being compensated for this post; however, Fork in the Road sent me free product. As always, all opinions are my own.


  1. What a fabulous biscuit. Filled with all the yumminess I want with dinner or as a stand-on-its-own snack. Great tip about baking them frozen!

  2. Thanks for posting this today, Deb … your biscuits totally rock (ask Rod how many I ate in PA — on second thought, don’t ask). You saved me the trouble of digging out the recipe myself. Happy Thanksgiving to both of you, with hugs from the California Smiths 🙂

    • I do hope these biscuits make it to your table – if not for Thanksgiving, sometime soon! And a very Happy Thanksgiving to you and our W Coast Smith’s as well Victoria! (((hugs)))

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