Well friends, I am plum-tuckered, spent, zapped and officially feel as if I could sleep for the next two months; I’ve been traveling since September and I haven’t been home much these past several weeks. But I also have to say that I’ve never been more inspired, humbled and ready to tackle new projects than I am now . . . that is, after I sleep for the next two months . . .

The leaves outside my windows blow from branches and dance momentarily across the sky as the winds carry them away from the trees; firey reds and canary yellows fall to the ground where in less than 48 hours they lose their vibrant colors and become a brittle, muted brown. This afternoon I’ll climb on my mower and begin the process of mulching them into the last of the green grass before the rains come later tonight. It’s unseasonally warm today with highs in the upper 70s but a cold front is on its way and by this coming weekend, the high will be somewhere near 50.


Outside, my gardens need tended, bulbs dug, plants relocated to new areas of the yard; our pool needs covered as does the new pond in the front yard. Inside, the floors need swept, warm-weather clothing packed away, cold-weather clothing laundered and placed in drawers, thick wool coats hung on pegs in the laundry room and the inch-thick dust covering our furniture needs removed as do the dust-bunnies lurking in every corner – did I mention I’ve been gone?


Yesterday, as we drove home from Indianapolis, I saw a farmer riding a large, green and yellow John Deer tractor; he was backlit with a setting sun casting early evening light on a large plume of dust as wide, metal teeth turned the soil. I caught that scene out of the corner of my eye as we whizzed by and wished I’d had the camera with me – it was one of those scenes where a single shot would tell an entire story. Around these parts, this is the quintessential story of fall; someday, I hope to capture that scene.


Wherever you are, I hope you have an opportunity to pause for a moment and catch those stories around you.


  1. I’ll need to remember this one–I’ve been roasting squash and freezing the puree. It’ll be nice to incorporate this into a morning smoothie, something I hadn’t thought of!

  2. Welcome home! And what a beautiful, fall-inspired smoothie!

  3. Welcome home! I bet your hubby is glad you are home too. I love this time of year but preparing our yards for the long winter does include a long list of to-do projects. This smoothie sounds wonderful. We love adding ginger too and will have to give this a shot. I just so happen to have bought a case of pumpkin. I can seem to find any inspiration to make anything pumpkin at the moment until I saw this. I hope you get some rest.

    • Thank you Sherron – glad to be home and yes, The Professor is happy to have me back too; although he heads to LA week after next so it will be ME holding things down on the homefront . . . how much trouble do you think i can get in??? pinky-swear, this smoothie is one of our very favorites – the kefir gives it tang and the spice is perfect for this time of year! xo

  4. Oh, yum! I currently have an overabundance of homemade pumpkin puree because I can’t be trusted at the farmer’s market. This is at the top of my list.

    PS – Glad you had safe travels… Hope you can enjoy a few moments to relax at home and soak up some autumn before winter arrives!

    • Jen ~ when we re-did our pantry a few years back, i discovered 26 cans or organic pumpkin i’d managed to stash . . . because, you know, there was a shortage a few years ago and ohmygoodness, there might not be any at the store when i need it!!!!!!

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