The light. Have you ever noticed how the light changes with the seasons? The days are definitely shorter but the light seems ‘cooler’ as well but maybe that’s my imagination? I don’t know if getting older makes me more aware of my surroundings or if it’s because I’m a photographer and videographer who’s always looking for the light, looking for the details, looking for the story – but I notice the tiniest of details as Mother Nature begins her march into a new season.

Variation. Alteration. Modificaton. Readjust – all words for change; we’ve moved from our summer schedule into our school schedule, from long lazy mornings spent lounging in bed to waking up at 5:00am and beginning our day. Coffee by 6am instead of coffee by 9 or 10am; green drinks for breakfast instead of waffles, pancakes or bacon, eggs and The Professor’s skillet-fried potatoes. Walks by 7pm instead of walks by 9pm. Kelly-green fields of tassled corn now dirty-tan and muted greens, blackened tassels; and amber-colored acres of soybeans nearly ready to harvest. As I look out my windows I see more yellow in the green leaves on our trees – another signal of impending change.


Carrot muffins are on the short-list of our favorites here at Smith Bites and it suprises me that we usually make them in the fall and winter months and not year-round; these are made both gluten-free and grain-free by using almond and coconut flour – walnuts optional. And while you can certainly add a streusel topping or cream cheese frosting or dust them with powdered sugar, we like them plain; making these what we call a ‘two-bite’ muffin means I can get my muffin fix without eating a large, bakery-style muffin!



  1. I made your carrot-ginger muffins for a lunch I was invited too. They were a great success!!!Thanks.

  2. What a great healthy snack!

  3. I love the daylight in the fall! I used to think spring was my favorite season, but the beautiful crisp days of fall converted me. And now I’m in Florida instead of IN, so I have to reevaluate!!

    The muffins look great!

  4. These muffins look so good. I adore a good carrot cake/muffin, and I love your addition of ginger and walnuts!

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