Can you believe it’s September???? Does this surprise you as much as it does me???? And why am I using multiple question marks???? I have no idea. Other than I’m truly gobsmacked September is here and I’m not ready to let go of summer – can I just get an ‘amen?!’ It’s still hot and humid and because the Winter of 2013-14 was so. very. long., I’ve got a death-grip on summer and will not release her until Mother Nature pries summer from my slightly wrinkled, tightly-clenched fist, one finger at a time. Even then, I predict I’ll drag myself into fall kicking and screaming.

The Professor is back with another summer gelato combo – in case I haven’t stated this before: gelato is one of The Professor’s very favorite foods on the planet and in fact, he’s convinced both gelato and ice cream should be it’s very own food group – and the FDA should include both on the food pyramid. I’m so lucky to be married to a man who understands the importance of these big life issues . . .


Indiana Sweet Corn and blueberry season are nearly over but if you happen to find them at a roadside farm stand, farmer’s market or grocery store, I promise you this gelato will be worth it!


  1. Wow, Debra, I love this! Not only is it gorgeous to look at and promised amazing flavor but… no machine! I can make this! And Lyle’s Golden Syrup. Yay. Perfect!

    • No!!! I reread it and saw the machine dammit. Do you guys think it will work without?

      • Jamie ~ we haven’t tried it without a machine but I wonder if it might work to freeze the sweet corn base until it’s ‘soft-serve’ consistency, then layer the swirls. When we make it in our machine, the gelato base isn’t completely frozen, it has that ‘soft-serve’ consistency. The flavor-combo is so darn good – Try it and report back!

  2. I just know this will taste amazing! Maybe myself and the Prof need to open our very own gelato truck if he ever quits his day job 🙂

  3. This is glorious! Professor, I’m pretty sure we’d get along famouly!

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