It’s glorious here in the Midwest this time of year; yes, it’s hot and yes, the bugs are out in full force, but nearly every day is blue sky and white clouds. Our gardens grow abundantly (as do the weeds!), the new pond is balanced and both fish and plants are happy; the bees have settled in and are doing their ‘bee thing’ – in and out of the hives all day long collecting pollen and making honey; we’ll get our first harvest this fall.

On our way home from Big Traveling Potluck this past April, The Professor and I stayed overnight at The Lodge at Torrey Pines where we enjoyed some of the best Brick Chicken we’ve ever had; in fact, we haven’t stopped talking about it and wanted to recreate something similar at home.


The Torrey Pines version uses heavier spices but since it’s grilling season, we thought a lemon-rosemary based recipe would be nice. A quick overnight marinade, then 30-minutes on the grill under a foil-wrapped brick and you’ll have a bright, lemony chicken with perfectly charred skin. I served roasted cauliflower and a simple green salad with ours but honestly, any summer sides will do.


Break open a chilled bottle of white wine and invite a few friends over


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  1. Love your appreciation of the high summer weather. I have been complaining too much! This chicken looks heavenly. I’m always looking for a new way to cook our favorite protein. This looks perfect.

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