It’s been somewhat of a challenge to come here and write these days; I think some of it has to do with the endless amount of snow on the ground for what feels like an entire year. Add the hide-and-seek sun, cloudy, gray skies and I’m looking to move South. No children or cute puppies, chickens or goats for fodder and honestly, I’m not sure The Professor and I make for interesting stories. The key, I’m told, is to just sit and write – to show up, don’t process your thoughts, find a chair, a pen, paper and write . . . where is that Easy Button they advertise???


The Professor is on Spring break and we’ve slept in a bit later, languishing in a comfy bed still dressed in its flannel sheets; this is the first Spring Break in nearly three years we’ve been home – and knowing what our travel schedule is over the next several months, we’re relishing the quiet just a little bit longer. The sun came out of hiding for a few glorious moments and we headed outside for a walk and a bike ride – my legs are still feeling it today – all good, but a reminder that I need to keep moving rather than sit, lest I become the Tin Man ala Wizard of Oz.

These grain-free, gluten-free Blueberry-Lemon pancakes have become our ‘favorite-of-the-moment’ pancake; we think pancakes are splendid any time of year but they especially hit the spot the morning after a glorious 65-degree day and you wake up to sub-zero temps and snow is falling . . . again . . . and it’s March . . . and, to add insult to injury, said snow is falling the same week following the arrival of Daylight Savings Time. Ouch.


Professor approved and highly recommended, they’re pretty great for supper too.

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