Not much happening here at the old Smith Bites homestead; there is still snow on the ground (‘Suprise!’ she says sarcastically) and The Professor is in his nineth week of a 16-week semester. The good news is that as of today, it looks like temperatures near 50 will be here by Friday . . . break out the flip-flops people!

This past weekend I found a design for my dream garden I’d tucked away more than a year ago; I’m still in love with the design and would love to have a garden like the one on those pages but first we need a fence, then build raised boxes for planting, truck in pea-gravel and add the chickens and bees we’ve wanted for a couple of years now. All of which take time and money – we’re short on both so I’m pondering compromises we can live with to get the ball rolling. 

Oh. And one other tiny little detail that needs tending to: the family of raccoons living underneath our deck.

They’re cute from a distance but the female is quite large and very bold; the two little ones aren’t so little anymore and they are into everything that isn’t nailed down. We know they carry disease and would most likely be a problem with both chickens and bees (not to mention the humans who live here) so they must go and we’re researching how to remove them – any suggestions would be welcomed.

We’ve remodeled our studio and added a small shoot kitchen; more about that in another post but for now we hope you’ll enjoy this quick piece featuring our absolute favorite gluten-free wraps on the market – Toufayan Bakeries.

Toufayan was kind enough to send us several varieties of their gluten-free wraps including: spinach, sun-dried tomato, garden vegetable and plain. We wanted to do something a little different that you might not think about when it comes to a wrap and I thought something sweet and cinnamony might be nice. We cut a few into strips, fried them in hot oil and dusted them with cinnamon sugar – Gluten Free Cinnamon Crisps anyone?

So simple it’s not quite fair to call it a ‘recipe’ but there you have it.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post and I am being compensated to share this brand with our readers; however, all opinions are strictly my own.


  1. Soooooo…if the raccoons go, are the chickens and bees moving in?! I’ll be really excited for you if so! And I’m jealous of the shoot kitchen – can’t wait to hear and see more about that! Also, these crisps look amazing. Wish I had these to go with my yogurt this morning!

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