I’m not going to lament about the weather – we all know the West Coast is in a drought and both the Midwest and Eastern seaboard have been buried in snow and ice for the last several weeks. But today the sun is shining and I see the icicles falling one-by-one as the temperatures head into the 40-degree range; I have a deep case of wanderlust and am itching to grab my gear and head out the door.

I am ready to welcome spring with my chubby arms wide open; I’ve been dreaming about planting my garden, making another batch of Perry or Pear Cider from our tree, perusing the wares of farmer’s markets and possibly adding the bees to our gardens that we didn’t do last season.

We’re ready to travel and tell stories, we’re ready to meet new people; we’ve built a small kitchen in our shoot studio and we’d like to teach a few gluten-free cooking classes. Yes, spring is close at hand and while we needed the respite of winter, spring cannot come soon enough – there is much to do, much to explore, much to be inspired by and much to learn in 2014  (I feel as if I should break into song here: ‘It’s a Whole New World’).

Like many of those ‘holidays’ that appear on our calendar, Valentine’s Day has come and gone but this soup is just as good for a ‘non-celebratory’ dinner or weeknight meal. A few blistered or roasted red peppers, cream, lump crab, a bit of mayo, a few hours of chill time and this is a dinner worth celebrating indeed.


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  1. I’m SO ready for spring too and a big bowl of this soup!

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