It’s the second day of January 2014 – a brand new year with brand new possibilities and brand new experiences that will unfold in the coming months. At the moment we’re bracing for some of the coldest temperatures this part of the country has seen in decades.


Yesterday’s walk through our favorite cemetary was brisk (at 33 degrees) but dressed in longer coats, gloves, hats and scarves, it’s a quiet place with little traffic. Birds flit from one tree to the next and multiple families of squirrels scavage the ground looking for acorns; it’s also beautiful, peaceful and restorative – just what we both needed.


But today evergreen branches peak from beneath a blanket of white, bluebird boxes now wear white caps and the heater has been placed in the Koi pond; Starlings, Blue Jays, Juncos, Chickadees, Nuthatches, Woodpeckers and striking red Cardinals swoop in and and out at the feeders and the brown-papered hydrangeas of Fall are now heavy with white – bobbing back-and-forth, up-and-down, in the wind.


winter deck

The Professor and I are tucked safely away inside, heat turned up a bit more than usual, the cats curled around one another in any vessel they find available while the scent of cinnamon, cardomom and maple syrup waft from the kitchen. More snow is on the way Sunday and along with it, estimated low temperatures of -25 degrees.


I don’t expect to be venturing out over the next couple of days but that just means more snuggling with The Professor, pretty cups filled with lattes . . . and this gluten-free winter-spiced granola.

Happy New Year!


  1. I’ve been making a lot of granola lately… I love all of the warm spices in this recipe. It sounds like the perfect winter treat. I’ve never added vanilla paste to mine before… That sounds positively lovely!

  2. I love using olive oil for granola and the stand out here is the vanilla paste and cardamon. Sounds perfect over some yogurt and a mug of warm tea. Stay warm, friend! xo

  3. bumped into another one or two granola recipes today and as soon as my Christmas bin of gluten free granola is exhausted I want to try this because I love cardamom and I love freshly ground nutmeg. Isn’t granola fun that way? What ever you like goes together. beautiful post and love the red barn. Guess it wasn’t too cold for your camera either. lol

  4. Totally making this Deb. Wow.

  5. Room for one more over there? Sounds idyllic!

  6. I love a validated reason to stay in. Hot drinks, granola, books, cuddles. A good start to the new year.
    We are granola/muesli fans and I’ll look forward to trying this recipe. Happy 2014

  7. This looks so delicious Debra! I love all the winter scenes to go with the granola too. Being gluten-free I especially appreciate you doing that thinking for me!

    • ahhhh Toni – we GF peeps need to stick together, yes? the snow makes for pretty picks but we’ll be staying in for the next couple of days!

  8. Here in Seattle we haven’t seen much snow. It looks so incredibly pretty. My daughter has to eat GF. She’ll love this recipe. Thank you! Stay warm.

    • it IS pretty Kristi – but the extreme cold temps are quite dangerous so we’ll be staying in! this recipe is super easy and quite good – enjoy!

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