Yes, I’m being mean – tempting those of you on a diet of cleanses, salads and carrot sticks.  Just tuck this recipe away until after January, because gluten-free and grain-free or not, these are pretty damn good – so says The Professor.

It’s a well known fact that his mother’s side of the family has a thing for breakfast pastries: honeybuns, bear claws, doughnuts, coffeecake, scones, pop tarts, pie, muffins – whatever baked good is in the house when the sun rises in the East, works perfectly fine, thank-you-very-much.

If I were to bake a loaf of banana bread (which I have done on occasion), I’d be embarassed to say how long it would last in this house; baking single-serving muffins – and then freezing them – gives us at least a running chance that they’ll last almost a week. Almost.

‘I’m making the loaf pretty’,’as he picks away at the edges, ‘it ‘doesn’t count as a serving’, as he thinly slices a piece and slathers it with butter, ‘I’m just eating the crumbs’, I’m taking one for the team and saving you from eating it.’

I love they way his blue eyes twinkle, his dimples are ‘dimp-lier’ and the laugh lines around his eyes are more pronounced when he smiles and he’s charming me to get his way.


Yes, muffins are the safest choice in this house.

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  1. It looks as if the professor and I have something in common. I’m the queen of nibbling on quick breads, scones, cake, muffins.. until they are gone, gone, gone!

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