52 sundays; january 5, 2014

Smith Bites will celebrate its 5-year anniversary in 2014 – and as I sit here this Sunday morning, snow coming down in big, fat, heavy, beautiful flakes – I am somewhat gobsmacked that nearly 5 years have passed. Completely gobsmacked.

My head swirls with thoughts about this new year: dreams for more travel, deeply humbled and grateful for events and work that has already been booked, continuing to hone our craft behind the camera and simply being present in those quiet moments I have in the year 2014 with The Professor.

Each year I choose a word that might help me focus my attention on what I hope to accomplish and as words floated about in my head, I kept coming back to something I’d written on the Smith Bites Facebook page recently – something along the lines of ‘thank you for being here, for sharing your lives with us.’ And then I went on to say, ‘I’m not sure why we wait until the end of the year to say ‘thank you’ but I’m going to try and say that more this coming year.’

So my word for 2014 is ‘generous‘ – to be generous in saying ‘thank you’, generous in sharing the work of our peers and colleagues, generous to my own self in not beating me up for all of my shortcomings, generous in extending grace and love when words of judgment and hate are freeflowing around me, generous of my time, generous in my gratefulness for all who visit here.

Do you have a word for 2014? If so, I’d love to have you share it here ~

Happy Sunday friends – I hope you visit us often.



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  1. Happy new year and almost anniversary! I love your word for the year!

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