Did we even have November??? I know I’ve said this a lot lately but, dang, people – did someone put earth and it’s calendar on the spin cycle of a washing machine and walk away???

I’ll not lament about the passing of fall and will just get on with these cream scones; the original recipe comes from Ree’s new book: The Pioneer Woman Cooks – A Year of Holidays. My recipe is a bit different but we’ll get to that in just a moment. And before we go any further, Ree and I know each other, she knows The Professor, Ree thinks we’re cute, we think Ree is sweet (and cute – hey Ree *waving*), her kids are cute, Charlie and Walter are adorable, Marlboro Man is Marlboro Man, we both have red hair, we both sing (Ree does a mean Ethel Merman and I sing Barbra Streisand, but that’s about where the similarities end) and last but not least, I have a girl-crush on her sweet sister Betsy – have I covered it all – this full disclosure thingy? I think so.


What I love most about Ree’s books – besides the recipes they contain – are the photos of her life and family on the ranch in Oklahoma; horses, cattle, the aforementioned Basset Hounds, a couple of kitty-kitties and the family – there’s even a photo of Betsy and her darling Elliot. Makes me want to embrace my inner farm girl and head to the nearest ranch.

The recipes are good old-fashioned, straight-forward, recipes similar to what I grew up eating in Walla Walla as a child: Scalloped Potatoes with Ham, Deviled Eggs, Sigrid’s Carrot Cake (only in my house it was ‘Duncan Hines’ Carrot Cake – I think I like Sigrid’s better), Peach Cobbler and the like. But then Ree has added recipes I didn’t have growing up in Walla Walla: Grilled Corn with Spicy Butter, Prime Rib, Fried Quail and Turkey Spring Rolls to name a few; all look fabulous with step-by-step instructions just in case you need a little help along the way.


We enjoy a good scone on a slow weekend morning and these scones (or some variation) are just about as easy as it gets; no cutting in butter, chilling ingredients or rolling dough – you don’t even have to cut them into rounds unless you choose to. Simply mix with your hands, pat out into a rectangle, cut into rectangles or squares and bake; enjoy them with a cup of coffee or cappuccino – perfect for weekends but also right at home on your holiday brunch table. You can even make the dough ahead; just cut the dough into your desired shape, place on a baking sheet and freeze; pull them out of the freezer and bake off whenever your craving for a good scone strikes . . . easy-peasy.


You’ll need to buy the book to get Ree’s recipe unless you’re one of the lucky three readers who win a copy here; just leave me a comment here or on the Smith Bites Facebook page and we’ll announce the winners next Tuesday, December 17th.

Disclosure: I was sent a copy of Ree’s book for review – see second paragraph above; all opinions are mine.


  1. Thanks for the GF scone. Daughter is GF and is feeling so much better now but has been missing her scones. Can’t wait to try this.

  2. I ate my first scone, strawberry cream, a couple of months ago. Delicious! Since you mention they’re easy to make, think I’ll try soon.

  3. Ooh these look great 🙂 once the roads have been plowed i’m heading out for the ingredients to make these!

  4. Great recipe. I would love to win Ree’s new cookbook!


  6. Thanks so much for the GF recipe and the awesome opportunity to win Ree’s cookbook!!

  7. Pioneer Woman…she’s a life-changer!

  8. I’m a big fan of Ree and it looks like I’ll be a big fan of Smith Bites too. I’m glad I found your site. Thanks for the giveaway!

  9. I flipped through Rea’s book while at Target the other day. The recipes look great and hoping Santa will have leave a copy under my tree.

  10. I’ve loved every recipe I’ve tried from Ree and love watching her show. Getting married in 4 months and need to beef up my cookbook collection 🙂

  11. I’ve never used gluten free flour but am anxious to try this recipe. Also anxious to get Pioneer Woman’s new cookbook.

  12. I am a TERRIBLE cook w/ this cookbook and the pictures I just might be able to fix a complete meal. Would love to win

  13. I want this cook book!!!

  14. I have her other 2, this would be the trifecta.

  15. Love that pioneer woman blazes the trail of goodies for us – thanks for sharing this GF recipe!!

  16. I feel the same way. . November and December are going by so fast . . I can’t believe Christmas is in like a week and 1/2! I love scones and would love to win this cookbook!

  17. I love Ree’s recipes as well and I even have my DVR set to record all of her shows.

  18. My family loves all the Pioneer Woman recipes that I have tried so far! Would love to win the new book to try more!

  19. I love the Pioneer Woman and would just love to have a great, easy cookbook to add to my collection!

  20. Thanks for the chance to win!

  21. Pick me!! This is on my Christmas list!!

  22. These look great! If I wanted to make them regular, not gluten-free, would I need to do anything different? Or just swap out flours? Thanks!

    • Jessica – to make them regular cream biscuits, the measurement for regular flour is 2 cups, everything else is the same – I do hope you make them, they’re really good!

  23. Love Ree’s show and my husband and kids are especially glad that I do! I love how she explains every step so well. And I love all the pictures she posts on her blog to show how each step should look.

  24. Just got a scone pan from stonewall kitchen definitely going try this out

  25. Please enter my name into your drawing; thank you.

  26. Thanks for the gluten free recipe! My dh is gluten sensitive, and I’m trying to move away from buying so many premade items (working with gf flours is sooo different than what I’m used to).

  27. I’ve just begun going wheat free and I LOVE scones so I’m excited to try this recipe. Thanks for the giveaway. Joy to you!

  28. Love Ree!s McKensie Childs cake carriers

  29. Thanks for the contest and the gluten-free recipe 🙂

  30. Pioneer Woman my favorite on Food Network. Have tried many of your recipes, would love the cookbook!

  31. Big fan of The Pioneer Woman! Would love to win one of her wonderful cookbooks! Happy Holidays!

  32. Scones! Yum! Love Ree too.

  33. Dying to get my hands on Ree’s cookbook! And eager to learn more gluten-free recipes as multiple friends/family members are having to say Nay to the Glut.

  34. I just love her, her family, her cookbooks, and her animals!! I would just LOVE to win a copy of her newest cookbook!!


  36. Love watching Ree.

  37. Cherry cream scones for a weekend breakfast, now you’re talking

  38. I LOVE Ree (recently made her pot roast recipe – delicious) and now I will try my hand at these scones. If I don’t win, I will certainly go out and buy her new cookbook. Thank you for the fun giveaway.

  39. The scones look DELISH!

  40. i have red hair, too! does that get me into the drawing for the cookbook?

  41. Just found Ree’s show on TV and can’t get enough! Love her cooking and love her way of life. Can’t wait to try out some of her Holiday recipes for my family.

  42. Please, please, please let me win the cookbook!!! I have been wanting this since it’s release date!!! 🙂

  43. Looks yummy! The book looks awesome too!

  44. I’ve been looking for some gluten free recipes… this looks amazing!

  45. I’ve never seen a scone in that shape before, but it seems optimal for dunking. So intuitive, and who doesn’t love a good scone…

  46. My Mom has this book — it’s a great book and I’d love to win my own copy!

  47. I LOVE cookbooks! Luv Ree. Love scones!

  48. 1. The cookbook looks awesome and I’ve always wanted one of hers and
    2. My scones never turn out like I hope. Am I over-mixing or something. They’re way too crumbly- like you could never put jam on one even if you really wanted too. And then they’re hard/dry. Melissa makes a mean scone and I tried to copy her but nope. It’s very sad.

    • Darah ~ I encourage you to give these scones a go; I really do think that for anyone who’s had difficulty w/making scones OR a beginner, this is a great recipe to start with; hand the dough until it begins to come together but don’t necessarily ‘knead’ it. And giving the cut scones a little time in the freezer before baking, really helps that cream (read: fat) to create those little pockets of goodness that translate into tender fluffy layers. Good luck!

  49. those look really good. Thanks for the giveaway!

  50. YUM! Those scones look wonderful. I have never bought one of Ree’s books but I do love the photography in each one.