Let’s talk soup shall we? I am of the camp that soup is perfectly acceptable in any season but I also know that soup is one of those foods people think about as Mother Nature starts to chill things off and the leaves begin to fall.

This particular recipe comes from a Cook’s Illustrated collection I picked up a couple of years ago; I don’t make much in the way of Thai because I’m not familiar with the cuisine and getting even simple ingredients such as lemongrass can be challenging in my area. However, my local grocer carries some of the Gourmet Garden line and lo and behold, lemongrass was on the shelves – score one for moi.

Now I know what you’re thinking . . . ‘But Debra, it’s in a t-u-b-e! It’s not fresh! It’s not really herbs! It’s not organic!’ Au contrair because that is exactly what I thought every time I’d walk by the display at my grocery store.  But then I had the opportunity to see Gourmet Garden in action at Big Summer Potluck; and no, this isn’t a sponsored post – this is about me getting my comeuppance. Because what I learned is this: the herbs are real herbs, they’re organic, they’re packaged fresh from the ground in Austrailia and not reconstituted. When I can’t get fresh lemongrass and want to make this soup, I’m going to grab a tube and go with it . . . then I discover I’m out of fresh cilantro and there’s nary a leaf in my herb garden and I’m really craving this soup – so I’m going with the tube again. Obviously, if you have fresh, by all means use it – but I’ll have a few of these tucked away in my freezer where they’ll last up to 3 months.


The only other change I made to the original recipe is using rotisserie chicken breast – it’s already cooked and you add it at the end to warm through; and really, any leftover chicken will do.



  1. Isn’t real thai soup always glutenfree?

  2. Love this! And I happened to have that lemongrass in a tube in my fridge ; ) This is happening this week.

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