It’s been a wonderful summer, maybe the best one we’ve had yet, I’m not really sure; life is always full of adventure and good things with The Professor and I count myself very lucky to have him as my life partner. Our travel schedule has been jam-packed traversing to both coasts, to Italy and back again – busy at times, exhausting at times, but always, always, rewarding. The work we are privileged to do fills our need for creativity and the people we meet are warm and genuine; some become friends forever – making our lives very rich indeed.

We taught our first hands-on video workshop this summer – it was one of those items on our ‘list’ of things we’ve wanted to do for a couple of years now; three days of a combination of instruction and field work, sharing meals around the dinner table and surviving the ‘question and answer’ sessions of curious minds as to ‘how The Professor and I met, what is it like working together and being married, the dance of juggling and balancing work and life.’ In some ways, these sessions are eye-opening because what we do just comes second-nature to us; we don’t really think about it.

But the question that made me pause for a moment was, ‘How do you keep from killing each other while working together?’ My answer is simply this: I trust him. I trust that whatever he is saying in that moment is important, that there is no hidden agenda or ulterior motive and that I’m loved enough that he wants me to be the best I can possibly be. Always. And that trust gives us both the freedom to be exactly who we are without the fear of losing that love or somehow damaging the relationship.

As a kid, I always wanted to be wherever the adults were talking; I wanted to hear the stories, the laughs, the tears – it wasn’t about hearing the gossip-du-jour but sitting at the table or perched on a stool or feet dangling from a picnic bench – it was always about the stories and how those stories connected people. It’s those kinds of conversations around a table, on a street corner, on a walk, in a home, a coffeeshop, a 17th-century villa in Italy, a campfire, a restaurant or a summer potluck – all are opportunities to connect, to have ‘face-time’, to hug, to laugh, to share babies, to be real, to give of ourselves and to be filled up.

We call it ‘Joy Rising’ – take a look at a video we made from our experience at Big Summer Potluck and see what we mean:

These kimchi-deviled eggs may have been the hit of weekend – everyone was talking about them! I’ve tweaked Joe Yonan’s recipe just a bit but think he’ll like these too! And if you don’t already have Joe’s book, I highly recommend!


  1. This just makes me happy. And Abby Dodge giving the “up yours” is the icing on the cake! 😉

  2. Ohhhhh these Kimchi Deviled Eggs look so good! Weren’t these just so divine at BSP4? I shopped for all the ingredients and have them right now. I plan to make them for Labor day weekend when the kids come home. But you just inspired me, so I might do a kitchen-test batch today! Thanks for sharing, Debra and Rod! Happy Monday !

  3. I second Jen’s comment. You guys grabbed the spirit of the weekend.

    • Wendi – I cannot even begin to express how happy I was to see both you and Libby this year – full circle my friend, full circle!

  4. Lovely video, Deb. I was all set to come to BSP4, but ended up going back to Italy with my family. Hoping for next year. Sounds like you and the Professor had a busy and fulfilling summer. Enjoy these last few days before fall sets in!

  5. This year was my first year at BSP and I know I’m definitely going back again. It was such an amazing experience — exactly what I’d hope to find in a food blogger get-together. 🙂 Thank you both so much for making the experience wonderful! Hope to see you again next year!

    • I’m so happy you felt that way Stephanie – it’s a great group of people – looking forward to seeing you next year!

  6. The video is awesome. Very inspiring!

  7. LOVE it!!! Looks like such a wonderful time. And Maddie was in there! 🙂

    • Thank you Amanda – it was THE BEST seeing Maddie, Libby and the other babies . . . and seeing the adults was nice too! 😉

  8. Love love love the video… You captured the spirit of BSP4 so beautifully and elegantly! It was a great uplifting way to start my Monday morning. Thank you for sharing!

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