I swear my intentions are good . . . I swear when we made these delicious little blueberry coffee cakes that I had an entire post rolling about in my head; I swear I intended to make enough time to get those thoughts down somewhere so I could write something poetic and wonderful and enlightening and inspiring. But as I sit here today, I got nothin’.


Other than it’s hot and sticky here in the Midwest but that’s no surprise, yes? And the folks East of me have had enough rain to warrant scrambling for ark-building classes. We’re heading to Big Summer Potluck next week where The Professor and I will be official greeters alongside greeters extraordinaire¬†Chris and Karen aka The Peche and Mrs. DeWinter – it’s going to be a blast and I’m sure fodder for future stories.


So at this point, all I have for you is that summer is here, the lightning bugs have returned, The Professor was stung by a wasp on the shoulder and I have two mosquito bites on my ankle . . .


Oh and then there are these beautiful gluten-free blueberry coffeecakes – dare I say, the best gluten-free coffeecakes we’ve ever eaten; I wish I could say that we picked the blueberries ourselves but we didn’t . . . we did, however, drive to the fruit stand where they pick blueberries from their fields – does that count?


  1. Stephanie

    These look amazing! I think the photos speak to the deliciousness of this creation, and I like reading about your life in the mix, wasp bites and all.

  2. 1. going to the field to pick up freshly picked blueberries totally counts.
    2. getting stung by a wasp is the worst.
    3. it’s hot (though not sticky) here too- I feel you.
    4. i’ve been waiting for you to post the recipe since you posted a pic on instagram last week.
    5. lastly, enjoy the big pot luck next week! xoxo

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