52 sundays; july 14, 2013

The Professor and I were quite excited to see this little visitor to our gardens this week – a honeybee! When we first moved out to the country, honeybees were a common sighting; but after the first couple of years, they all disappeared and it’s a rare occurance indeed to see one – and when we do, we stop, stare and pull out the camera.


You may recall we took a beekeeping class this past spring and had planned on having two or three hives of bees this summer; and then we looked at our calendars, all the travel and work that was scheduled and realized this was not the year to be adding bees to our little homestead.


But after taking our class we are and committed and determined to bringing honeybees back to our neighborhood to pollinate our gardens, the apple trees, the pear, peach and cherry trees – as well as the neighboring farm fields that surround us.


This guy was hard at work collecting all the pollen from this one purple coneflower and didn’t seem to mind having his picture taken . . .


Happy Sunday – we hope it is glorious!


  1. So fun! We enjoy watching ours so much. Can’t wait to watch your beekeeping journey begin.

    P.S. Miss y’all!

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