52 sundays; may 5, 2013

The Professor and I are headed to St. Louis today to attend the funeral of a very dear friend we lost last month; I’m going to write a bit more about Mary Gayle later, but suffice it to say that she was a bright, bright light in a sometimes very dark world.



We’re finding that getting outdoors helps clear our minds, grounds us and gets our bodies moving – something that I certainly haven’t done enough of this past winter. We purchased a seasonal State Park pass and hope to explore some of the parks here in Indiana – these photos were taken in a park about 20 minutes from our house; it’s been fun to see how rapidly the flora has changed in the month we’ve been hiking there.


And if you follow me on Instagram, (if you’re not, please do!) you’ll know that there are two sets of stairs that have become my nemesis; spaced at somewhere between 8 and 10-inches deep, my 5’2″ frame (not to mention my chubbiness) has to really work to get myself from top to bottom and vice versa – needless-to-say, it’s a workout!


All of these photos are taken on my iPhone 5, edited in Snapseed ~ it’s much easier than lugging my big camera while hiking ~

Thanks so much for visiting – happy Sunday!


  1. So sorry to hear about your loss. I love nature and I feel the need to enjoy it everyday and take time to walk in Central Park. Hope you come to NYC soon!!

  2. I am so sorry for your loss…
    and love your hiking pictures!

    Safe travels!

  3. Beautiful photos and so inspiring! Thanks for sharing.

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