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Musical pairing – “How To Tame Lions” by Washington

The Professor and I celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary last month; and while we don’t normally celebrate the usual ‘Hallmark greeting card’ days like Valentine’s day et al, we do plan something special for our anniversary. It’s not that we poo-poo celebrations, it’s just that we seem to celebrate each day we have with one another – taking the time to sit on the deck watching the birds at our feeders, listening to a piece of music or sipping coffee while watching a sunrise in complete silence – those are moments worth celebrating throughout each day, each month throughout the year.

This year was a bit different because we had planned on a trip to Italy for our 10th anniversary that was cancelled the week before and then we thought we might be able to take that trip for our 15th . . . just wasn’t meant to be this year either. I sent a note out to a couple of friends who live in my area asking for restaurant recommendations and Joseph Decuis was at the top of the list. An upscale restaurant serving vegetables grown in the restaurant garden less than 4 miles away and Wagyu beef raised specifically for their restaurant on the restaurant-owned farm – Joseph Decuis truly is a farm-to-table experience.


I’ll be sharing more about Joseph Decuis later this summer but suffice it to say that the whole experience that evening was memorable – and we couldn’t stop talking about the brussels sprouts salad. While you might wrinkle your nose at this cabbage-like green, I encourage you to try this one – the brown butter vinaigrette places this salad into a league of its own. I didn’t ask for the recipe but I think what The Professor and I recreated at home is very close.


  1. Sharon Stradel

    How do you shave Brussels sprouts ? Seriously.

    • Hi Sharon ~ the fastest and easiest way to shave brussels sprouts is via a food processor fitted with the slicing disc; less than 2 minutes and voila – you have shaved sprouts! otherwise, it’s a very sharp knife = thinly sliced sprouts – a bit more labor intensive but worth it; this really is one of our favorite salads. thanks much for the question!

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  3. First off, a belated happy anniversary! And secondly, I adore everything about this salad. I love shaved brussels and I LOVE brown butter. Nice work, lady!!

  4. We just had this salad at Joseph Dequis and I loved it–my husband thought it was so-so. They were nice enough to print out the recipe for me and I scanned it to my desktop, but it won’t let me drag it to this posting-sorry. I think yours sounds quite good!

    I am going to make it for a dinner party later this month.

  5. I love brussel sprouts – I shared the salad on my blog!

  6. So good to meet you this past weekend, I’m incredibly inspired by what you’re doing on your site. It’s all so gorgeous, the photos, the food, the people: amazing.

  7. FIFTEEN YEARS!! You rock 🙂 Huge congratulations and thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe. I’m always looking for new says to use Brussels sprouts and I think I just found one ;o)

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