There’s a new man in my life. These past several months while The Professor lay sleeping beside me, I’ve been snuggled up with Thomas Keller – well not literally, but I have been snuggled up with his latest book, Bouchon.

I’ve never had the pleasure of enjoying a meal at any of Chef Keller’s famous restaurants nor have I purchased any of his packaged bakery products – but I’ve watched via social media, friends living on both coasts waxing poetic about both the food and the pastries offered at any of Chef Keller’s establishments. And when Bouchon was released last fall, I knew I wanted a copy but would I be able to bake from it? As a non-pastry-school-trained, gluten-free home cook, really bake from it? And as someone who is really, really, really bad at math – be able to convert regular formulas into gluten-free formulas? Turns out the answer is yes.

But it hasn’t been without challenges and a multitude of failures – I’ve lost count at how many loaves (if you can call them that) of bread and rolls I’ve tossed over the past three months; we’ve talked with other gluten-free bakers and recipe developers and we’ve poured over recipes in books and on the internet. The Professor made spreadsheets of gluten-free flours, combinations and methods; some were downright failures, others were just ‘meh’ and still others were good, but not great.


I’ll be posting another bread recipe in the next week or so about this whole process but in the meantime here is a recipe for Hot Cross Buns that we really love. Soft and tender, speckled with plump, vanilla-laced fruit and dressed in a cinnamon-cardamom icing, these gluten-free buns have the perfect balance of sweetness – Chef Keller uses the word ‘beguiling’ to describe them and he’s exactly right. The buns are made with a gluten-free brioche dough – enriched with butter and eggs so if you need to be dairy-free, this isn’t the recipe for you; additionally, you need to allow the mixed dough to proof overnight in the refrigerator, so plan accordingly. And one more thing – don’t save these gems just for the Easter holiday – they really are quite lovely so make them more than once a year!


  1. Should the buns be baked separately or batch baked (touching)? I’m sure this won’t be answered in time for me this time, since the dough is in the fridge now but for future reference 😂

    • Thanks for your question Leanne; I placed these with a bit of space between each – this allows expansion without crowding them so by the time they finish baking they’re actually touching. Hope that helps!

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  3. These look amazing… totally perfect way to start the morning.

    Also, you obviously didn’t see the post ShitFoodBlogger put up on Twitter… the conversation we had was a little out of control and there was some very dirty things were said that may change your view of TK. 😉

  4. I adore Thomas Keller’s books, and find that I learn something every time I turn to a new page. Hot cross buns are a staple at our house on Easter morning. How fantastic that you found a way to turn these gluten-free!

  5. These are so, so gorgeous, Deb! I know they taste fabulous, too! YUM!

  6. Lovely! I neeeeeed to get that book. And soon.

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