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Musical pairing – Holy Moses by Washington

This is one of those recipes I’ve wanted to share for a couple of years now; the anticipation of fall and the harvesting of concord grapes makes me feel nothing less than giddy. But Concord grape season is short, my attention span is short and one of three things has happened: (a) I completely miss said Concord grape season, (b) I remember Concord grape season but can’t find any at my local store and (c) by some miracle I actually remember Concord grape season, find said Concord grapes and make this fabulous recipe . . . but then I forget to take photos . . .

The original recipe was tweaked by Deb of Smitten Kitchen fame (you do know she has a brand-spankin’ new book out, right??!) and for two years I followed her instructions to the letter – including excising those pesky seeds that Concord grapes are known for – well actually, The Professor was assigned that lovely task. Removing those seeds are critical as they’ve been known to break a tooth of The Professor’s wife – at which point a trip to the dentist is scheduled and suddenly this beautiful pan of focaccia now costs somewhere in the neighborhood of $800 . . . yes, ouch.

But now there is an alternative. This year, I discovered the new-to-me Thom-Cord grape – a hybrid of a Thompson seedless and a Concord grape. This grape still has seeds but they’re teeny-tiny, like those found in the Thompson variety and yet still has the intense grape flavor Concords are known for. No need to spend hours removing the seeds unless you’re bored and need something to do – in which case, call me, I’ve got a house that needs cleaning.

Since I’m now gluten-free, I’ve made a few tweaks of my own and am quite pleased with the results; in fact, we’ll be serving this gorgeous bread at our Thanksgiving Open-House. And it pairs beautifully with any type of bubbly, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Malbec or whatever your favorite cocktail happens to be.


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  1. This looks fantastic! Have been meaning to try grape focaccia… and this was just the inspiration I needed.

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