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Musical pairing – Daddy Sang Bass by Johnny Cash

I’m not sure if the cold and flu season begins but I do know that it arrived here at Smith Bites 2 weeks ago – first The Professor and then four days later, moi. Somehow I’d managed to stay cold-free for more than two years; alas, wasn’t able to dodge this one.

Sore throat, then the body aches, then drippy nose and for a few days, I could have auditioned for the ‘Daddy sang bass’ line in the Johnny Cash song.  Kleenex box in one hand, comfy blanket in the other, I did what any normal, want-to-make-it-all-better, person would do . . . I made a Hot Toddy . . . truth be told, I made several Hot Toddies over the course of several days.

My vocal range is back to normal, body aches long gone and I just have a teensy bit of a residual cough – I claim the Stone Fruit Hot Toddy cure . . . well, that’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it!



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  2. I had no idea that alcohol was considered controversial in the GF world–are only the wheat-based distilled liquors under scrutiny, or is it alcohol in general?

    That fruit vodka sounds pretty divin (and I’m not even a vodka person). I’m saving this for when I inevitably get sick this winter and need something soothing.

  3. I so could have used this plus a few in the last few weeks as well. I got super sick for two whole weeks! Like you, it has been while. So it hit like a ton of bricks. Like any sane person I made a hot toddy, but I am allergic to most alcohols, so alcohol free. I have never made a fruity hot toddy, and I am pretty sure I don’t have to be sick for this one. Just a fire roaring, a book, and an excuse to have a nice beverage. I am almost thirty three, so I think it’s ok to that:). I am glad to know you feeling better, and able to get back to life. I hope the lingering cough goes away very soon!

  4. My Mom used to make herself a hot toddy or two whenever she came down with a cold. Pretty sure she used whiskey. With seven kids running around I guess she felt she could never take the *luxury* of being sick and staying in bed. This sounds and looks warm and comforting. I’m dreading the cold and flu season and tend to hibernate as much as possible. Should I come down with something…I’m mixing up a few of these. Maybe they work as preventative medicine too. Hmmmm 🙂

    Glad these *hit the spot* for you and hope you are feeling much better

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