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Musical pairing – Let The Sun Shine by Labrinth

The days are shorter, nights longer, temperatures cooler . . . bon fires, raking leaves, one final sweep of the lawn with the mower, we tuck the outdoor furniture away and drag the garden hose, shovel, pitch fork, trowel and gloves to the shed; we admire the mums, place the pumpkins on the porch steps, replace the welcome mat, drink hot chocolate, share s’mores  . . . *snap* and just like that – it’s fall.

The change of seasons is at once a blessing and a curse – because while ushering in a brand new season is exciting, time reminds me that, like it or not, life is catapulting me forward even though I command her to stand still while I catch my balance – even for a second. Fall is a welcomed relief from the hot-sticky summers of the Midwest; I watch as clouds of dirt fly from the back of tractors as they march their way across the corn and soybean fields – sometimes their tiny beamed eyes blink at me during the dusky early evening as farmer and machine plod from one row into the next.

Corn Maze signs begin to pop up along the country back roads as do ‘Apple Cider Here’ . . . apple orchards beg families to come and pick and retail stores are now hawking both Halloween costumes and candy in tandem with Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations. Kids (and a certain Professor) are back in school; sweaters, boots and outwear have been pulled from their boxes and are now in place for the cooler temps that are surely to come.

But for now, I’m going to sit on my front porch, wave to my neighbors and watch the cars pass by – the sun is still shining and I’m going to enjoy it for as long as I can.

Barb of Creative Culinary is celebrating her one-year-anniversary of ‘The Friday Cocktail’ and invited several of us to join her – We thought you might enjoy a pitcher of this beautiful Apple & Plum Sangria –

Congrats Barb – Cheers!


  1. I so enjoy reading your word pictures. Totally ready for fall.

  2. I’m loving this beautiful drink! What a great way to ease into fall!

  3. Deb, that drink looks exquisite. Perfect for welcoming fall in while the weather is still warm.

  4. Perfect fall drink, Debra!

  5. What a perfectly beautiful beverage for a cool fall evening!

  6. Ooo….I want one. No, two. 😉

    Beautiful post!

  7. This is glorious in every way…the photos, the celebration of fall and, of course, the fact that it’s sangria! I love this autumnal twist on one of my favorites.

  8. What Kelley said. Seems just 2 weeks ago we were dealing with 90+ degrees and now I need socks on…how on earth did that happen!

    Thanks for participating Deb; a gorgeous addition for sure and one I look forward to trying.

  9. What a gorgeous recipe and perfect for fall. Isn’t it funny how overnight it seems summer is gone and fall pushes her way in. I don’t mind though as it’s a gorgeous time in the mountains. Here’s to a fabulous weekend! xo

  10. You know, I’m pretty sure I’d love to sample this apple plum sangria. Such a lovely *ode to summer* you wrote. I love the lighting in your photographs. Makes me feel that Fall is really edging its way into the last days of our summer.

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